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PCGen 6.06.1RC3 Released!

PCGen is pleased to announce the release of PCGen 6.06.1 Release Candidate 3. PCGen v6.6.01RC3 is a release candidate from our development branch to allow experimentation and testing of our latest work before a final production release. Please

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Things looking up for Sourceforge?

Things maybe looking up for Sourceforge. We will continue to release on both SF & GitHub though.

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PCGen 6.06.01 RC2 & 6.07.00 Alpha Released!

PCGen is pleased to announce a twofer release this week of PCGen 6.06.01 RC2 & 6.07.00 Alpha! The main changes in the RC are fixes to the Pathfinder Summoner. For the Alpha 6.07.00 the major changes are “Formula System Foundation

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6.06.01 RC1 Released!

Hi all, I have tested and uploaded the release files. Downloads are active on the downloads page: Release notes are available. Jira is updated across the board with the new version. Repo branch is reset for next version for

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Gen Con 2016, there we are!

There PCGen and Open Gaming Store (John Reyst, d20pfsrd and 5esrd) are! Booth 3036! #GenCon2016

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Gen Con 2016 booth paid for!

Thanks to a last minute flurry of donations and one large donation by an anonymous donor we have enough for the booth and some left over flyers! Thanks all that donated! Soon as we have a booth number I’ll let

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Final GenCon booth payment due by next Friday

Hello all supporters! This post is to acknowledge everyone who has donated to support the project and helped us get our Gen Con booth. It is also a request for more donations to cover the last portion of the booth

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GM’s coming up with new names

Are you aware that PCGen comes with quite a few random name sets? Start PCGen, load up a gamemode and start a character, click on the “Random” next to the name and you get all these options plus more…

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Have you ever wanted access to the documentation but were away from your home system. Did you know they reside online?

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Gen Con 2016 here we come!

An update on the #GenCon2016 booth. Open Gaming Design (John Reyst of & and we still owe $850 USD by 04/22. PCGen currently has approximately $170 USD, which is short of the $425 for our portion. Not to

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