GMGen Features

  • Load PCGen character files and view characters statistics via a live character sheet.
  • Combat tracking including damage, spells, and a dice-roller. The current combat state may be saved for those game sessions which end in mid-combat.
  • The combat tracker has a full stat block for loaded characters , NPC’s and monsters/creatures.
  • Assign experience based on the CRs of defeated combatants and the party level.
  • Create encounters, generating the monsters on demand.
  • Manage a campaign world through a notes system that allows word processing, as well as the ability to attach files to particular notes. ¬†You can then ¬†launch those files and characters from the notes.
  • Generate random names for people/places/items.
  • Calculate overland travel times and inn costs according to the SRD.
  • Create ‘dice bags’ with any dice expression (such as 1d6-2d4+3).
  • Network multiple copies of PCGen together.

PCGen Menu-Tools-GMGen


GMGen screenshot