PCGen v.6.09.06 Released!

The PCGen Team is pleased to announce that PCGen v.6.09.06 (Alpha) has been released.


What’s new for v6.09.06

PCGen v6.09.06 is released as a ALPHA from our development branch. Some notable changes in the 6.09.06 release are listed below.

Notable Changes

  • Continued work on the UI switch
  • Many Bug Fixes
  • MANY new sourcebooks



Java 11 aka Java 55 aka 18.09 or 18.10. PCGEN 6.09.05 is not compatible with Java 10 (or earlier) and it is NOT SUPPORTED. PCGen is tested with OpenJDK, but any Java 11 from any source will be fine. Windows users: The WINDOWS INSTALLER version of PCGen comes with embedded Java JREs for both x86 and x64 Windows OS’s. LINKS:


Read the doc!

Please make sure you read the docs to familiarize yourself with the changes. You can access it from docs/index.html located in the PCGen directory.

Download PCGen

Custom Data Sets

If you have custom data created be aware that you may need to update your data to be compatible with the changes.


Thanks to the volunteers who contributed to the PCGen 6.09.05 release! Without volunteers, no releases would be possible.

Thanks also to the many people who gave us feedback, reported bugs, contributed to the lists and helped other PCGen users out!

Want to Help?

PCGen is an open source project. Anyone who wants to contribute whether it is Java programming, data set programming, documentation, helping new users, general cat herding, massage, walking the dogs, etc. is very welcome.

If you want to help jump on our Discord or Groups.io and simply post a message “I Want To Help” in one of the channels that make the

11 Comments on “PCGen v.6.09.06 Released!

    • PCGen, requires full java. The smallest thing I know people have gotten it running on is a chromebook through Linux, or a Microsoft Surface. You can export the character to an html or pdf for viewing on your phone.

  1. Love the work and program great for D&D3.5 and Pathfinder 1e can’t get 6.9.6 to run on windows 10 PCGen splash screen shows for 3 seconds then disappears 6.9.5 works great

  2. I’m guessing that a mobile/web version is unlikely to make an appearance anytime soon, but I do want to *ask* if it’s at all in the cards.

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