PCGen needs volunteers!

PCGen like all volunteer projects needs new blood. We have a robust data team (not that we couldn’t use more grant you), the PR Team seems on top of things (mainly me), but our Java code team has been slowly shrinking due to attrition because of RL. We are desperately in need of some new coders that are looking to learn Java (not Javascript, the code team quite firmly corrected my ignorance) or java coders that are looking for a new pet project. If we don’t get a more active code team, like all volunteer projects PCGen will ill slowly cease to be due to complete volunteer attrition.

If you are interested reply here on this post, shoot me an email, or on twitter, or on FB, or jump into our discord channel.

9 Comments on “PCGen needs volunteers!

  1. I’M definitely green on coding, but if I am a decent learner. If I was taught, I would gladly help.

    PC Gen is a gem that shouldn’t be left to ruin.

  2. My coding skill is limited, quite old(30 years ago) html/vb, a little perl. I am however a good proof-reader, Network Engineer, Gamer, and regular user of pcgen, and would very much like to lend a hand if I can

  3. Last time I did any Java was the nineties. I used Swing when I did, and have also done C++ OOP before that. I’m rusty, but if i can be of use let me know.

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