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Windows 10 Creators Update breaking PCGen?

We have gotten some reports that the latest forced Windows 10 v1703 “Creators Update” is causing PCGen to crash.   If you are using the Look and Feel of either System or Windows Classic, switch it to Nimbus or one

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PCGen Board Meeting!

It’s time for our Board meeting, all are welcome! It will be this Sat 04/15/2017 at 9am EDT, use the link below to get your exact time. Agenda: 1) Team Reports (25 minutes) 2) Release Status (5 minutes) 3) Progress

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New Volunteer Open Call!

Have you noticed that the rate of new books going into each version of PCGen has been slowing? Well there is a reason for that, most notably there is a new formula system coming that will require an overhaul of

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PCGen 6.07.01 Alpha released!

PCGen is pleased to announce the release of the 6.07.01 Alpha Release of PCGen. ==Notable Changes== Formula System Foundation Implemented Freemarker Support expanded This will be the last release before our Major push to redo all the data

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PCGen User Interface feedback requested 

John Carimando did the last UI upgrade. He is back and wanting to do some more work on it, but wants feedback from the users on what they like, what they want to see, and that they don’t like. Please

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Java 8u101 breaking PCGen?

If anyone has updated to Java 8u101 and PCGen will no longer run, install 8u102 from the Oracle website directly.

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Gen Con, PCGen people are in you!

We have arrived, ready to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning to set the booth up! #Gencon

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PCGen 6.06.01RC5 Released!

PCGen is pleased to announce the release of PCGen 6.06.01 Release Candidate 5. PCGen v6.6.01RC5 is a release candidate from our development branch to allow experimentation and testing of our latest work before a final production release in

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Were you aware that in addition to our FB page, G+ group, & the yahoo groups we also have a forum? And that you can use Tapatalk to read and post from your phone? Android, iOS

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Gen Con 2016 here we come!

17 Days to go! Don’t forget to stop by the PCGen & Open Gaming booth (#3036)   –Paul Grosse -PR Silverback #GenCon2016

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