PCGen v.6.08.00 RC10 Released!

The PCGen Team is pleased to announce that PCGen v.6.08.00 RC10 has been released. We believe this to be a stable version for the next 6.08.00 Production Release.

Mac users download the zip and run pcgen.jar directly

What’s new for v6.08.00RC10

PCGen v6.08.00RC10 is released as a RELEASE CANDIDATE from our development branch. This is the culmination release that we believe will be the next production release. This is a Stable release. Please give it a shot and let us know how it works for you. Some notable changes in the 6.08.00RC10 release are listed below.

Notable Changes

Normally we have a list of new books, squashed bugs, and new features listed here. But in the interest of brevity since it has been quite a while since there have been any releases we are just going to say

  • Icon and code fixes for the RC9 build
  • MANY new books
  • Many bugs were squashed


Java 11 aka Java 55 aka 18.09 or 18.10. (Including OpenJDK 11 variants)

PCGEN 6.08.00+ is no longer compatible with Java 10 (or earlier) and it is NOT SUPPORTED. To get the latest version of Java, go to AdoptOpenJDK. PCGen has been tested with OpenJDK Java 11 (including the JRE).

Be aware that due to Oracle’s new Licensing, and lack of availability of the Java 11 JRE public releases, we are recommending OpenJDK alternative. AdoptOpenJDK also have JREs (Normal Java) for the end users that is not installed and may take an extra couple of steps to make work. If this is not something you want to worry about, then please use the WINDOWS INSTALLER version of PCGen, as this comes with embedded JREs for both x86 and x64 Windows OS’s. For those that want to do the manual installation, please see below for the ‘How to Install’ links below for your Operating System. You can download the Oracle Java 11 JDK but that will be a much bigger download.

Note: To use the BAT file, you need to have the System Variables for JAVA_HOME set to the root folder of the Java 11 (Has the bin folder in it), and then the System Variables ‘path’ have ‘%JAVA_HOME%\bin’ included. You can either set this manually, or install Chocolately and then run ‘choco install openjdk’ in your command prompt window or powershell. Interesting side note, you can install JDK 11 from oracle running ‘choco install jdk11’.


HELP! The .exe doesn’t work for me with OpenJDK.

If you have it installed correctly, you can use http://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html to reset association for the .jar file, and that works.

NOTE: The specific files for loading PCGen are as follows:

  • pcgen.exe (Main Executable for Windows)
  • pcgen.bat (Command Line Executable for Windows)
  • pcgen.sh (Command Line Executable for Linux / Mac)
  • pcgen,jar (Java Executable file – Mac users)

Please direct all help inquires to our new Media Channels:

5 Comments on “PCGen v.6.08.00 RC10 Released!

  1. Thanks for the update. It seems that Unchained Monk (Pathfinder 1e) AC still calculates an additional +3 (MISC) from somewhere, after accounting for Wis, Dex and the Monk’s AC-bonus.

    • I had similar problems. I made an 8th level UCMonk and had an AC two higher than normal and a CMD 9 higher than it should be. This is before purchasing equipment.

      Going from memory:
      AC: 20…should be 18
      CMD: 39…should be 30

      Not sure if there is anything else wrong.

  2. Dragon Disciples in Pathfinder are not getting their bonus feats… only the normal feats allowed for normal levelling.

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