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  1. Love the program, but…
    In Pathfinder, when I back into a character (namely a Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline), the character ALWAYS loses his natural armor bonus for being over 3rd level. It’s there when you go up the level, but if I go back into the character to add coinage or just to review him, the Natural Armor bonus disappears.

    using v6.08.00 RC8

  2. I am completely new to d20 and exspecially Pathfinder 2 and I am looking for a good char generator. Is PF2 now included?

  3. Is there any plans to do variant multiclassing for Pathfinder 1e? or did I miss this some where in the options or settings?

    • Unless a volunteer picks it up and is interested in it probably not. You are talking about the Pathfinder version right? 🙂

  4. Unchained Monk AC bonus isn’t calculated correctly. Otherwise a great program I’ve used for years and years now..thanks for all the effort the PCGen Team has put into it.

      • For anyone looking for guidance —


        06/13/2022 11:00 PM
        From my experience it has something to do with how unchained monk’s bonus AC and CMD from wisdom and levels is handled internally. A standard monk’s fine.

        I managed to get correct numbers by editing the data files of pu_abilities_class.lst – removing the formula to calculate the unchained monk’s bonus BONUS:COMBAT|AC|MonkACBonus|PREVAREQ:ENCUMBERANCE,0,var(“COUNT[EQTYPE.ARMOR.EQUIPPED]”),0,var(“COUNT[EQTYPE.SHIELD.EQUIPPED]”),0 and just throwing in the standard monk’s BONUS:COMBAT|AC|MonkACBonus|PREVAREQ:MonkRestricted,0 It would seem something in the validation is going wrong, but I’m not familiar enough with the system to say exactly what.”

    • The output sheet is pure html or plain text, you just need to know the tags to generate it. Which is all detailed in the documentation, and in the multiple versions of the character sheets released.

  5. Hi,
    I cannot find my post anymore (deleted?), so I will post once more:
    I would like to create a D&D 3.5E Scout character, later turning into dervish, what.
    What advanced sources should I load, so I could find them amongst level-up classes?

    I tried several, most notably Complete Adventurer and Complete Warrior, to no avail.

    Thanks for answer beforehand.

    • Your post had to be approved, that’s why it was missing. 🙂

      The 35e Dervish is in the Complete Warrior, which was never released as OGC so we can’t include it in the program. But should you do a search you might find somebody made it and has it in a homebrew data repo.

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