2013 GenCon Panel “How Technology Is Changing RPGs” including PCGen contributor Paul Grosse:

2013 GenCon Panel Video

 Helpful Videos

PCGen Walkthrough

PCGen Lesson – Homebrew Basics Part 1 – PCC Files Explained

PCGen Lesson – Homebrew Basics Part 2 – Simple Feats & Skills

PCGen Lesson – Homebrew Basics – Equipment Creation

PCGen Lesson – Homebrew Help – Adding Archetypes

PCGen Lesson – Rapid Demonstration of Race Entry

PCGen Lesson – Homebrew Advanced – Making New Class Archetypes

PCGen Lesson – Homebrew Basics – Equipment Creation

PCGen Lesson – Homebrew Debugging Tips and Demo

PCGen Lesson – Walkthrough PCGen on Creating Custom Items

PCGen Lesson – Homebrew Class making

PCGen Lesson – Basics Making a Class from Scratch

PCGen Lesson – Kit Usage

PCGen Lesson – Custom Deity Creation

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  1. I am wanting to create Starfinder characters using PCGEN. When I go to the game drop down menu and select Starfinder and then select “Add Selected” followed by “Load”, I get an error. I can load other sources, just not Starfinder. What gives??

  2. How do I load the Modern D20 section in PCgen, By the way love this program been using it for years

  3. Hi, I’m having some issues trying to create a Hunter class character and I was hoping you could help me.

    I heard I had to add “Inner sea magic” which I did but nothing changed, it still came up red and saying I wasn’t “qualified to take this class”.

    This is my first time using PCGen so I’d be very grateful for your help.

    • Did you set your alignment to be neutral? PCGen follows the character creation guidelines where things have to be done in a certain order.

  4. I’m looking for how to define a custom skill as a class skill for existing classes, such as if I want to create a custom Profession, and designate it as a class skill for a specific class, or even all classes.

  5. Hi there, recently reinstalled pcgen, due to new hardware. Ever since that, I can create a bard, but it is missing the class-features of bardic performance etc. The only class-features that work is the proficiency in armor and weapons. Tried changing the rulebooks, installed new 3 times by now, in hope that maybe missing files get added, but nothing changes.

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