PCGen v.6.08.00 RC2 Released!

The PCGen Team is pleased to announce that PCGen v.6.08.00 RC2 has been released. We believe this to be a stable version for the next 6.08.00 Production Release.


What’s new for v6.08.00RC2

PCGen v6.08.00RC1 is released as a RELEASE CANDIDATE from our development branch. This is the culmination release that we believe will be the next production release. This is a Stable release. Please give it a shot and let us know how it works for you. Some notable changes in the 6.08.00RC2 release are listed below.

Notable Changes

  • Numerous Data & Code bugs fixed + RC2 Added the following:
    • Winter Witch archetype includes text from Bonded Witch archetype
    • [Pathfinder] Tool, Masterwork not available
    • Bonuses of the same type should not stack
    • PF UI rules Spells missing link to online rules
    • Feats from the Inner Sea Gods do not have the correct requirements
    • Tempered Champion from Weapon Master’s handbook not correctly implemented
    • DAMAGEMULT doesn’t account for non-Strength based damage
    • source load errors on pfs Complete Rules
    • Temple Champion
    • Accomplished Sneak Attacker Feat from Dirty Tactics Toolbox is not increasing number of Sneak Attack Dice
    • Zen archer does not have the unarmed strike class feature
    • AC of Shifter class is calculating incorrectly in new 6.08
    • Blood of Shadows Rogue Talents not Available for Unchained Rogue
    • Can’t take Hellknight Signifer prestige class (AG)
  • Starfinder Game System Implemented
  • Sagaborn Game System Implemented
  • New Formula System Implementation Phase I – Stabilized
  • Starfinder Game System Implemented
  • 58 New Sources Included


Java 11 aka Java 55 aka 18.09 or 18.10.

PCGEN 6.08.00 RC2 is not compatible with Java 10 (or earlier) and it is NOT SUPPORTED. To get the latest version of Java, go to AdoptOpenJDK. PCGen has been tested with OpenJDK and AdoptOpenJDK Java 11 (including the JRE). We decided to use Java 11 as this is a 3-year supported (Long Term Support), Java 8 is no longer updated.

Be aware that due to Oracle’s new Licensing, and lack of availability of the Java 11 public releases, we are recommending OpenJDK alternative. AdoptOpenJDK also have JREs (Normal Java) for the end users that is not installed and may take an extra couple of steps to make work. If this is not something you want to worry about, then please use the WINDOWS INSTALLER version of PCGen, as this comes with embedded JREs for both x86 and x64 Windows OS’s. For those that want to do the manual installation, please see below for the ‘How to Install’ links below for your Operating System.


HELP! The .exe doesn’t work for me with OpenJDK.

If you have it installed correctly, you can use http://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html to reset association for the .jar file, and that works.

NOTE: The specific files for loading PCGen are as follows:

  • pcgen.exe (Main Executable for Windows)
  • pcgen.bat (Command Line Executable for Windows)
  • pcgen.sh (Command Line Executable for Linux)
  • pcgen,jar (Java Executable file – Mac users)
    ** There are no .dmg builds for MacOS, please use the pcgen.jar file method.

Please direct all help inquires to our new Media Channels:

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