6.08.0rc9 to released by the end of the month

Team – I’ll do another power sweep of bug clean up before the end of month. I’m going to push out RC 9 for 6.08 in that time frame. If you have any last minute bugs (Oh please this absolutely must be fixed!) for 6.08, now is the time to submit.
(UTC-5) Spread the news so we can get this handled.
Link to report bugs at.

33 Comments on “6.08.0rc9 to released by the end of the month

  1. Hi all, I feel like this will be a painful question, so I apologise in advance. I’ve only just found your program (which is awesome, btw) Is there an ETA to when Pathfinder 2e sources will be added?

  2. I see that the Mac DMG Installer is still listed as “Coming Soon”, and has been that way for at least 6 months. Is there any update on when a mac installer will be available?

  3. I’m unclear on the bug report process. I clicked the link and couldn’t report a bug, even after making an account.

    In Pathfinder 1, adding the Hag Magic alternate racial trait for changelings gives me an error saying “You can not select any more abilities.”, when it should just replace racial abilities.

    • I’ll check the link but it should be taking you to pcgenorg.atlassian.net
      Then click create at top, then book data, and bug.

  4. 1. Half-orc racial trait “shamans apprendice” being “red” after selected.

    2. Feat “Stalwart” not being qualified when “Diehard (Vital/Wounds)” are selected (OR the Endurance feat granted by the Shamans Apprendice trait !).

    3. Feat “Deathless Initiate (Vital/Wounds)” not being qualified when “Diehard (Vital/Wounds)” are selected (OR the Endurance feat granted by the Shamans Apprendice trait !).

  5. Just to make sure I’m not missing it on the new release, but I didn’t see pathfinder 2e. I’m grateful for all of your hard work and I’m looking forward to pathfinder 2e PCgen is so incredibly helpful!

  6. Since people seem to be posting a couple notes, for Pathfinder 1e:

    I noticed that the aasimar race trait enlightened warrior only seems available to one particular aasimar sub-type, but I cannot find that restriction in any references.

    When you take nature soul, then animal ally you get an animal companion. But if you put levels into a class that gives you an animal companion it deactivates the feat rather than applying your animal ally “levels” to the animal companion granted by the class, the feat turns red and deactivates, negating those levels. I made a character that multiclassed into saurian druid at 5th level. Beforehand my character had boon companion and animal ally. After 9 levels of druid, the character switched back to non-companion classes, but only boon companion seemed to apply to the dinosaur companion. Animal ally just straight deactivated.

  7. PC Gen is great! thank you for this gem!
    You guys think you’ll add the latest PFRPG books like Planar Adventures and such?
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Maybe I’m just being stupid, but I thought PCGen development was stopping? Have new come on board and taken on the project or have the current developers kept going?

    All the best, stay safe and thanks for all your work over the years!

  9. are any companion guides being put in such as Pathfinder Martial Arts Handbook or books like ultimate wilderness and ultimate equipment
    i just find some of my fav archetypes for classes are un available

  10. I have tested PCGen 6.09.05 there is no way if you select Witch as class to select the patron of your char so a lot opf things for that class cant work properly

  11. Just checking in on my favorite coders it’s been a rough year and I hope you’re all safe we love you and hope you have a good year

  12. Since VTTs have been exploding over the last 8 years, I was wondering if there is a list of VTTs that PCGen is best compatible with in terms of exporting and importing files?

    • Fantasy Grounds offers a “fairly” seamless import. One of the volunteers made a xml output sheet that gets like 90% of it right. I think there are some issues with spellcasters and spell lists.

      Out output sheets are all open so the various VTT’s are welcome to make a custom import format and we’ll include them. The only other one that has importing from PCGen is d20 Pro.

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