PCGen is free software, made entirely by volunteers.

We could use your help to make PCGen better.

The kinds of things PCGen needs help with include:

  • No technical skill required
    • Report bugs (see below)
    • Help support other users
    • Checking game material licenses
  • Some skills required
    • Revise documentation
    • List file coding (data set coding)
    • Public relations (website, social media)
    • General administration
  • Technical skill required
    • Java programming
    • Output sheet programming

If you feel you can contribute, email with the subject line “I want to help!”. Tell us if there are any areas you are especially keen to work on, and mention any skills or experience that might be relevant.

Report bugs

If you notice something wrong in PCGen, you can help us by writing a bug report.
You don’t need any technical expertise to write a bug report. You can get onto our bug reporting system from the web browser you are using right now. See the bug reporting instructions.

Clearly written, detailed bug reports make it faster for the team to identify and fix problems, so we can fix more bugs in our limited time.

Support other users

You can help the team by supporting other PCGen users, in all the places you would go if you needed help yourself.

Most support questions are about helping users with home-brew LST files. We would welcome help to answer these LST file questions, which would free up the PCGen team for other tasks.

Information for developers

The PCGen source code is developed on GitHub:

  1. PCGen/pcgen – main code and data development.
  2. PCGen/pcgen-newsources – new source development for official PCGen release.

Pull requests are welcome.

The JIRA bug tracker is located at

Development discussion is welcome at the PCGen Discord channel.

Some development documentation is available on the PCGen wiki.