PCGen 6.06.00RC3 Released!

PCGen is pleased to announce the release of PCGen 6.06.00 Release Candidate 3. PCGen v6.6.00RC3 is a release candidate from our development branch to allow experimentation and testing of our latest work before a final production release. Please give it a shot and let us know how it works for you. Some notable changes in the 6.6.0 release are listed below.

Notable Changes

  • Added search and qualified filter on the spells tabs
  • [d20] Add method to add GM awarded extra Feat and Skill points.
  • [PFS] Add Inner Sea Bestiary
  • Fixes for familiars and slow characters
  • Fixed issue where some skills could drop off the end of character sheets
  • New FACT and FACTSET token families added to allow new general attributes to be data driven
  • Following game systems removed from main distribution: Gaslight (1st edition, replaced by 2nd edition)
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder – Please implement Evolution Surge (or lesser or greater) as Temporary bonuses
  • [Paizo] MA – Implement OS block to display Mythic Power uses/points
  • Update to PFS rules to Additional Resources Guide version January 9, 2015
  • Reworking of the Pathfinder archetype system
  • Conversion of many output tokens to Freemarker objects
  • Pathfinder improvements
  • Migration to Data control for Alignment, Stats and Saves
  • Monk Flurry of Blows basic support for Outputsheet
  • Further stability and bug fixes

New Sources

The following new sources were added in 6.6.0

  • [5e] SRD5 Basic set
  • Midnight Data Set (3.5 Conversion)
  • [Battlefield Press] Gaslight – 2nd edition OGL
  • [Dreamscarred Press] Path of War
  • [Everyman Gaming] Dragon Companion Handbook
  • [Paizo] Advanced Class Guide
  • [Paizo] Blood of the Moon
  • [Paizo] Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds
  • [Paizo] Humans of Golarion
  • [Paizo] Inner Sea Magic
  • [Paizo] PF Campaign Setting – Inner Sea Gods
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Adventure Path #61: Shards of Sin
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Adventure Path #67: The Snows of Summer
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Adventure Path: Iron Gods Player’s Guide
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Combat
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lords of Chaos: Book of the Damned, Vol. 2
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Chronicles: City of Strangers
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Champions of Purity
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Demon Hunter’s Handbook
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Quests and Campaigns
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Taldor, Echoes of Glory
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Weapon Master’s Handbook
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Mythic Adventures (OGL)
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Society Organized Play Chronicle Sheets Boons and Equipment
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Unchained
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder: Adventurer’s Armory
  • [Paizo] Player Companion: People of the Stars
  • [Player Companion] Elves of Golarion
  • [Storm Bunny Studios] The Gun Priest
  • [Super Genius Games] Advanced Options: Inquisitors’ Judgments

For the full detail on all changes made in this release, check out the release notes here:


Please download and report any bugs!




PCGen is a RPG character generator and maintenance program (d20 systems). All datafiles are ASCII so they can be modified by users for their own campaigns.

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