BoD meeting today!

Hi Folks,

We will have a Board of Director’s meeting, followed immediately by a Content Team Meeting to discuss the Formula Parser Replacement and new Tags.

DATE: 2016-02-27
Time zone accurate link

Meeting location – IRC.

IRC settings:

channel #pcgen

Guests without an IRC client may log on to the chatroom through a web
browser –

Board of Director’s Agenda:
1) Welcome to Meeting and posting agenda (Andrew, 1 minute)
2) Code Silverback Position
3) Silverbacks review Readiness of 6.06.00 (SBs, 7 minutes)
4) Formula System / New Subsystems Roll-out Quick overview (Tom, 15 minutes)
5) Wrap up and Public Comments (Public, 5 minutes)
6) Close out meeting, 5 minute break then proceed to Data Team meeting.

Data Team Meeting Agenda:
1) Tom Parker leads discussion on direction of the roll-out

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