PCGen 6.06.00RC2 Release

Hi folks,

I have built, tested and uploaded the 6.06.00RC2 release. Release notes are
also available for download.

It is now active and ready for download just the press releases to go.

Also, a note: This is the first dual release on both




Andrew Maitland
PCGen Content Silverback

2 Comments on “PCGen 6.06.00RC2 Release

  1. Have loaded CRB, ACG, APG, ARG, the Ultimates, the 3 bestiaries as well as Unchained and the Unchained classes do not display to be selected in either the Summary tab (the CRB monk does) or the Class tab even when I meet the pre-reqs. The CRB versions of the classes show up as qualified as do the ACG classes on both.

    Win 7 Home Premium 64bit with Java 8 Update 74 (1.8.0_74-b02 (Oracle Corporation) according to PCGen) but if more information is needed let me know.

  2. Updated to the newer version and VERY pleased to see hybrid classes are now available under the PF Society source. For the most part they are great except a few minor broken points. Example, “Maulaxe Dwarven” is showing non proficient for a Dwarven Warpriest even though the racial ability for weapon familiarity states that anyone from the dwarf race can use and be proficient with any weapon with the word “Dwarven” in it’s name. Also, the weapon focus / sacred weapon class ability is not working on things like shield spikes and other off handed weapons even when that weapon is showing as a choice and selected with the Weapon Focus feat under the “Class abilities” for weapon focus / sacred weapon. Mainly this is because even when you add the correct weapon focus feat attached to the correct class ability (such as Focus Weapon/ Sacred Weapon with the weapon focus feat) in the class abilities tab, when you select the actual weapon from inventory it won’t update the correct attack bonus if you have a BAB of 0 (because WF typically requires a BAB of 1) even though the focus weapon feat for Warpriest is available at lvl 1 with a BAB0 according to the SRB. Minor points to be sure but never the less incorrect…but, nothing a manual adjustment won’t fix. All in all A+! thank you. 🙂

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