PCGen User Interface feedback requested 

John Carimando did the last UI upgrade. He is back and wanting to do some more work on it, but wants feedback from the users on what they like, what they want to see, and that they don’t like.

Please take a moment to answer a few high level questions about the UI. When he starts getting into each section he will have more specific polls for each section.

If you have ever criticised the UI, or if you just have pet peeves about aspects here is your chance to have your voice heard. Please spread this around among your friends we want as much feedback as possible.

  • Joseph White

    one thing PCGen needs is a more user friendly method of creating home
    brewed classes. The data files and their dependencies on each other
    are a nightmare for someone who hasn’t been doing it from the start. I
    would have thought by now someone would have written a specialized lst
    editor. All it would need to be is a basic data entry front end. It
    would not only be helpful to the user, but it would make far less work
    for those that do data entry whenever a new book comes out.

  • Anthony Harvey

    The current UI is a fair bit better than it was in the 5.x days, but I was finding myself having difficulty intuiting the methodology for Pathfinder racial and class ability selection. I would have liked to filter them based on their effects rather in addition to by name. I would like to see a new skin to help it blend in better with macOS though. The toolbar icons need to be about twice as large as they are currently. Flattening them would help as well.

  • John

    First, let me say i love PCGen, you guys are doing outstanding work! I play Pathfinder and 5E and use pcgen to create my characters quite often. I have one of our regular players using PCGen, but haven’t been able to convert any of the other guys to pcgen, as the character generation is a little convoluted. They were used to E-Tools (d&d 3e) and i guess are spoiled. With that said, i am really glad the PCGen team is re-visiting the UI! The depth of PCGen is great and would shine even brighter with a more intuitive interface.

  • Llisandur

    I use PCGen a lot and generally haven’t had any problems with it. However, I recently purchased a tablet with a very high resolution display, and Windows by default scales to 200%. This causes problems with the current UI of PCGen, with some elements increasing properly, others are cut off because only half of the element increases in size, and all of the rest not changed at all (and super tiny!). If you’re overhauling the UI, please make sure this kind of thing gets fixed! I would have said this in the questionnaire, but there wasn’t a space for user comments.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/122c2f1938cb15dc3e2403ed9cb5e936e9c694e7c39f76c0407cef60ceaadb03.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/07fa1e560014575146e38bb705dff08e9622b307ee5217dede0eb153a7de7f9e.png

    • Ryan


      • Paul Grosse

        This is a solution that was found.

        Right click PCGen app, Select Properties, then Compatibility, then turn
        on Override High DPI scaling. This is for Windows 10, thanks to Brent Warren from FB.

    • 1. Erenlander

  • John

    Also, on a side note, i have that same “hi res laptop” issue ( the java from what i have read) but even changing my resolution doesn’t make it large enough to read (looks like a postage stamp). Very weird. Sadly, this disables me from using PCGen as i only have the one laptop…. so will be really looking forward to updates that help resolve this.

  • nylanfs

    This is the code ticket for the switch from Swing to JavaFX which is supposed to handle the 4k resolution issues.

  • Matt Sanders

    I also feel the need to weigh in with the hi-res screen issue. I use my Surface Pro 4 for gaming sessions, and PCGen is unusuable. That’s the thing that blocks me from using it, and is what might push me to buy HeroLabs to get some more paper off the table.

    I’d much rather use PCGen.

  • Mark Russo

    It would be nice to easier able to add custom info to PCGen.

  • D_E_A_T_Hargreaves

    Sub races and racial traits are under feats and abilities (this had me confused since gray elves and the other elf sub races disappeared from the main race tab)

  • Scartheshadow

    Are there going to be anymore DND books added to PCGen?

    • Paul Grosse

      All the books that we can legally include from WotC are included.

  • Diego Torres

    1. Erenlander
    Weapon Familiarity remain to be selected.

    The options are completely blank.

    Please add.