Java 8u101 breaking PCGen?

If anyone has updated to Java 8u101 and PCGen will no longer run, install 8u102 from the Oracle website directly.

  • Drakki Blaiddri

    I just did that and its still broken

    • nylanfs

      Try running the pcgen.jar file, it seems to be related to the pcgen.exe file.

    • Paul Grosse

      Try running the jar directly, it seems like it is just the exe file that the issue.

      • Drakki Blaiddri

        what’s the path to the jar?

        • Paul Grosse

          If you used the windows install it should be something like “UsersAppDataLocalPCGen”

          • Aegis

            is there a fix for this crashing bug…i’ve tried the suggested stuff above and it’s still crashing…i’m using 6.6.01 (also used 6.07.00) and can barely keep PCGen up for ten minutes before it crashes. I’m starting get withdrawal symptoms cause I can’t use the program…lol. Anyone got any suggestions.

  • Patrick Weyers

    Has a fix been posted? I’ve tried JRE 8-101, 102 and 111 to no avail. The GUI is unstable.