PCGen 6.05.05 Released!

PCGen is pleased to announce the release of PCGen 6.05.05 Beta. You can get it from the Downloads page.

Notable Changes

  • Pathfinder improvements
  • Migration to Data control for Alignment, Stats and Saves
  • Further stability and fixes

New Sources

The following new sources were added in 6.05.05:

  • [Paizo] Inner Sea Magic
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Champions of Purity
  • [Paizo] Player Companion Elves of Golarion
  • [Paizo] PF Campaign Setting – Inner Sea Gods

See the release notes for full details of all changes in this release.

As you can see, the work for 6.06, the next stable release, is progressing well! So for the brave and the bold, please do try out this beta and give us your feedback.

PCGen is a RPG character generator and maintenance program (d20 systems). All datafiles are ASCII so they can be modified by users for their own campaigns. Please join us http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen/ if you have questions.

Public Relations Team PCGen Project

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