Tutoring lesson with Andrew via SKYPE

Hi folks, My next lesson will be via Skype. This will give you real time opportunity to interact, ask questions as I work on coding a source. I will show you in real time the tricks I use to perform multiple tasks in coding. Also we will have a discussion on the logical process of breaking down books into objects that we code into PCGen.

If you have a book in mind, please request it. I’m pretty much open to anything. Email me HELP@PCGEN.ORG to schedule a time to get together. Open to anyone interested in pcgen and how to create your own materials.

Slating openings through the entire week.

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1 Comment on “Tutoring lesson with Andrew via SKYPE

  1. I’m totally interested! group .. individual… I’ll email you as you requested. I’m the one that has been bugging you with comments and questions via youTube. This extremely generous of your time. You must love to do this and it’s so unusual to see.

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