PCGen Team Promotions & acknowledgements

Hi folks,

With PCGen 6.4 out the door, it’s time that we take time to acknowledge the hard work put in by all the members of the team. It’s traditional that the Silverback of each team thank each contributor and recognize those who have earned a promotion up the Monkey Ranking system for their tireless efforts.

Our ranks are:


The highest rank within the PCGen Team is that of Silverback. The Silverbacks are the leaders of the teams that make up the PCGen project and hold seats on the Board of Directors. The responsibilities of the Silverback include determining how their team should be run, the overall goals of the team, and how these goals in turn fits in with the overall goals of the project. The Silverbacks have a 2nd for each sub team. Finally, promoting Monkeys within the team is generally the privilege of the teams’ Silverback. Silverbacks are also really impressive Gorillas, see the Wikipedia Reference article on these amazing creatures!


2nd is a rank that we give to leaders of permanent sub teams. They are effectively the same as a Chimp but have a permanent team responsibility and can also substitute for a Silverback on the PCGen BoD.


Chimp is the rank we give to team members who are true gurus and experts in an area on PCGen and have also contributed a great deal. Chimps are often leaders of smaller teams or one monkey machines in getting stuff done. Chimps are also really cool apes, see the Wikipedia Reference article on these amazing creatures!


Gibbon is the rank we give to team members who have contributed a good deal to the project and are considered to be capable of tackling tasks on their own initiative due to their solid understanding of their area in PCGen. Gibbons are like the NCOs of the PCGen team. Gibbons are also really cool monkeys, see the Wikipedia Reference article on these amazing creatures!


Tamarin is the rank we give to team members who have contributed more than just a couple of items to the project and have a good basic understanding of how to do things in PCGen for their area. Tamarins are a good place to start asking questions as they are at the coal face. Tamarins are also really cute little monkeys, see the [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamarin]Wikipedia Reference[/url] article on these amazing creatures!


Lemur is the rank we give to team members who have started working in a team and have contributed something, whether it be large or small, to the project. Lemurs are still learning their way around the world of PCGen but a much valued contributors. Lemurs are also really cute little monkeys, see the Wikipedia Reference article on these amazing creatures!

Andrew’s Content Promotions & acknowledgements
Within the Content team are three sub teams: Data, Documentation, and Outputsheets

For the documentation team, I would like to recognize the due diligence of Eric Smith for his continuing tireless efforts to keep the documentation spick and span. Not only bringing up the entire system to current HTML standards and practices, but practically singlehandedly keeping up with the many new tags introduced. Eric is already the Doc 2nd, which is the highest honor we can give him by the current ranking system. However, I would like to say that Eric has been a dedicated Doc Monkey for over 5 years. I think for any project that should earn you the title ‘Dedicated Volunteer’. So Eric, I confer the honorary title of ‘Dedicated Volunteer for the Documentation Team’. Thanks for your service.

For the Outputsheet Team: These volunteers deserve special recognition, without them we wouldn’t have nice output sheets!

First, Stefan Radermacher, for having some great advice and usable character sheets to assist me in updating the PCGen sheets, and his contribution for the Pathfinder Statblocks. Without his dedication we wouldn’t have the clean output that we now have – countdistinct is his tag for that, and his double loop for the barbarian rage, and other check list items. He also implemented the handy Archetype display next to the class names. For all his contributions, I confer the title OS Chimp. Thanks for your contributions Stefan!

Next, James Dempsey. With his dual role as Code Silverback, James has been a stalwart bastion of advice and a second pair of eyes for me as I struggled with complex code changes. That alone would earn him Lemur in my book. However, he has been overlooked for promotions when they were due. With his implementation of Freemarker and taking a tremendous amount of time to convert several sheets, several time saving techniques, along with his excellent advice, and helping patch issues for me, I am conferring the rank of OS Gibbon to James Dempsey. Thanks James for your contributions!

For Andrew Maitland (Myself), for hours of struggling to implement many changes and improvements to our OS, including full 10 range increments for Projectile weapons, assisting with Fantasy Craft demands for unique output for their Natural Attack Block, and Proficiency model, and redoing the OS into easily shared and managed building blocks for easy maintenance and upgrades. And redesigning the Spell Output to better utilize the space available, among many other changes, I confer the rank of OS Gibbon.

If Itwally is still around, his Flurry of Blows implementation and help has earned him title of OS Lemur.

I also want to recognize the efforts of our retired OS 2nd Chuck Pint. His contributions helped prepare me to make bolder changes to the OS. Thanks Chuck!

If you made a contribution to the OS, and I failed to recognize you, please let me know.

Please extend congratulations and thanks to our OS team, without their help, our pretty character sheets would not be nearly as nice as they are today.

Next, our busiest team is the Data team. These are the monkeys responsible for making the data sets, fixing bugs, and implementing new features in the data sets.

For making some sort of contributions, the following people are bestowed the rank of Lemur:
Djblayde – Working on a New Source!
Henk Slaaf – Primary GIT wrangler
chainkeiya – Bug fixes and implementation of a class feature

For the rank of Tamarin:
Mark Means – Contributing PFS ideas and solutions
gjorbjond – Eidolon work and updates
elrotheonk – Bugs fixes and Features implemented
Andrew Wilson – New Source work
James Dempsey – New Source work

For the rank of Gibbon:
Distant Scholar – Implementing all the Dreamscarred Press sources for Psionics

Unfortunately, my records only go back till June. If I missed you, please contact me and I’ll get your recognition up.

Important item – Each person is responsible for maintaining their own WIKI rank status – this is your team listing, team pages, and your personal page if you want.

This is what I use to see where you are and where to promote you. If you have wiki access, please update your rank(s) accordingly. If you don’t have wiki access, please contact me and I’ll get you set up. (Help@pcgen.org).

For the Admin Promotions:

Web Team:
Jamie is a Web Tamarin
Marie is a our newest web monkey, with her contributions to the forum, gaining her the title of Web Lemur
Anestis recognized for his dedication of keeping the servers up and running.
James Dempsey is a Web Chimp – Handling the various processes that run our behind the scenes items.
Andrew Maitland is now a Web Chimp – With service in getting the wiki up, helping with back up processes, and generally handling the behind the scene tasks.

Release Team:
James Dempsey recognized for his tireless years of service.
Eric Smith promoted to Release Chimp – With years of Mac builds.

Tracker Team:
David Bender is promoted to Tracker Gibbon – with tireless work on the migration to JIRA, and helping manage the trackers.
James Dempsey with his years of service was over-looked and should have been giving the rank of Tracker Chimp a long time ago.
Andrew Maitland with his resignation from Silverback is at Tracker Chimp.
Eric Smith is promoted to Tracker Chimp.
Tom Parker is promoted to Tracker Gibbon.
Paul Grosse is promoted to Tracker Tamarin


Jame’s Code Promotions & acknowledgements
Connor Petty is promoted to Chimp for his extensive work on the revamped user interface over the past few releases.

Stefan Radermacher is promoted to Chimp for his long standing contribution to the code team, particularly around Pathfinder support

Chris Dolan is promoted to Tamarin for his work on memory and data load optimizations.

The following people are granted the Lemur rank on joining the code team:
Gabriel Sorrel
Lee Burton

And Finally Board of Director changes
Andrew Maitland is stepping down as Admin Silverback and Anestis Kozakis will be taking his place.
Barak is stepping down as Content Silverback and Andrew Maitland will be taking his place.

And a Final special thank you to Pablo HernĂ¡n Custo for making the Spanish translation much better!

Once again, let’s give all our volunteers the appreciation they deserve. Without them, PCGen would not be nearly as awesome as it could be.

Andrew Maitland
Content Silverback

James Dempsey

Code Silverback
Paul Grosse
PR Silverback

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