Board of Directors Meeting Log 2013-11-22

Board of Directors:

  • CHAIR – Andrew
  • CODE – James
  • ARCH – Tom
  • WEB – Anestis


  • Zaister

Summary: Discussed team reports. Time table for Release schedule with 6.2 slated for December 8th, 2013.


[15:05] <@[Chair]Andrew> We ready to start?
[15:06] <James[Code_SB]> Sure
[15:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> Alright, Welcome everyone to the PCGen Board of Director’s Meeting, it’s Friday 1500 hours (PST).
[15:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> Our Agenda,
[15:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> Team Reports
[15:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> Outstanding items that need to be tackled before RC
[15:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> Open Forum
[15:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> I’ll begin
[15:08] <@[Chair]Andrew> Content / Data – Finished Running the PCGen 6.2 Converter on all released sets
[15:08] <@[Chair]Andrew> All issues discovered during this run were reported to code, and subsequently fixed. I reran the converter and verified all fixes are in good order.
[15:09] <@[Chair]Andrew> Data is focused on only Bug Fixes at the time. We’ve had a flurry of them come in and have been fixed
[15:09] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Hi, sorry I’m late
[15:09] <James[Code_SB]> Hi Tom
[15:09] <@[Chair]Andrew> (Hi Tom, we just started, didn’t miss much)
[15:10] <@[Chair]Andrew> Docs has been quiet since the last release
[15:10] <@[Chair]Andrew> OS – I’ve been working on some fixes and improvements. My one outstanding item is putting together a working sheet for Killshot
[15:11] <@[Chair]Andrew> Which I cleared into the release for the next release. Todd Crapper is excited about this.
[15:12] <@[Chair]Andrew> Admin – Trackers are working. James locked down an issue were non-logged in users could alter a finished New Tag.
[15:12] <@[Chair]Andrew> Web – Forum is up and running, but I haven’t messed with it much since Anestis set it up, my time has been focused only on Data Bugs and the OS.
[15:13] <@[Chair]Andrew> Release – We should be on schedule, I’ll have James address that during his report.
[15:13] <@[Chair]Andrew> Questions for Content/Admin?
[15:13] <@[Chair]Andrew> (Anestis anything to add for Web?)
[15:14] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Website is humming along. Issue with the contact form but I have Jami looking into it.
[15:14] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> I would like more people to sue the website. More posts any new publishers we have,Any data files we complete that are now available, etc
[15:14] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> to use
[15:14] <@[Chair]Andrew> About that, if a fix isn’t forth coming, just have all of those forwarded to the help@ email address.
[15:14] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> We could even start posting the meeting logs on there.
[15:15] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Advertise meeting times, get more people interested.
[15:15] <@[Chair]Andrew> Sounds good. You able to handle that or do we need to tap out a volunteer?
[15:15] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Just some thoughts.
[15:16] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Wouldn’t that come under PR?
[15:17] <@[Chair]Andrew> It could đŸ™‚
[15:18] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> That’s about all I have.
[15:19] <@[Chair]Andrew> James, you’re up.
[15:19] <James[Code_SB]> Code Report 23 Nov 2013
[15:19] <James[Code_SB]> Since the last meeting the code team has dealt with the following:
[15:19] <James[Code_SB]> Feature requests: 6 created and 16 resolved; Bug reports 54 created and 78 resolved; New tags: 5 created and 9 resolved
[15:19] <James[Code_SB]> As Andrew noted, the LST converter has had some attention and is running in good form.
[15:19] <James[Code_SB]> With the move to beta the main focus has been on bug fixing, and there has been a lot of that.  In general I have been keeping up with the new reports and making inroads into some of our older bugs.
[15:20] <James[Code_SB]> Any questions?
[15:21] <@[Chair]Andrew> none here
[15:21] <[Arch_SB]thpr> not here
[15:21] <James[Code_SB]> ok, done
[15:22] <@[Chair]Andrew> Tom, you have anything?
[15:22] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Nope. Arch quiet for the moment while we’re in beta
[15:24] <[Arch_SB]thpr> <– Never took the speaking stick away from Andrew
[15:25] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, anything holding up release?
[15:25] <@[Chair]Andrew> (Andrew had a phone call)
[15:25] <James[Code_SB]> Not from the code side – we are all looking good for the release
[15:25] <@[Chair]Andrew> Excellent, same with Data.
[15:26] <James[Code_SB]> Nice
[15:26] <@[Chair]Andrew> Though if I can tap someone to help toss together a htm sheet for killshot that would really make my day before we do the final release
[15:26] <James[Code_SB]> I assume it is pretty different to the standard?
[15:27] * @[Chair]Andrew nods
[15:27] <@[Chair]Andrew> yes, it’s a completely different layout and design
[15:28] <@[Chair]Andrew> I have a sample sheet to show what the finished result is supposed to look like.
[15:29] <James[Code_SB]> Maybe post that somewhere and see if anyone would like to take it on
[15:29] <@[Chair]Andrew> Also James, I fixed the other two non-tested sets, we can enable the data test on the Aurthurian Legends and Darwin’s World
[15:30] <@[Chair]Andrew> I’ve tried to drum up someone on our list and Todd tried his circles, and no takers.
[15:31] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, open forum. Any other business to take up before the Board?
[15:31] <James[Code_SB]> Those sources are back in to the test now
[15:34] <@[Chair]Andrew> James – if we can fix the Non-Parsing of %LIST for CODE-2372 and CODE-2373
[15:34] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I’m going to look at those Andrew
[15:35] <@[Chair]Andrew> I converted most of those instances in the sets to the closest equivalent, but some actually need the fix, or it’s making more work. Thanks Tom
[15:39] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, looks like that’s it… Thanks for coming everyone! *Bangs Gavel* Meeting Adjourned.

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