Starfinder v1.6 released!

Starfinder v1.6 is released!

Note: You will need 6.07.03 (Github) or (Sourceforge)

Download the above zip file and follow the directions below

On the Select Sources window, follow the steps below:
1. Click on the Advanced Tab.
2. Click on the “Install Data” button on the bottom of the screen
3. Navigate to downloaded zip file, and import files (select Okay to overwrite any files)
4. Restart PCGen
5. Click on the down arrow on the ‘Game’ drop down menu and select Starfinder
6. Click the ‘Add Selected’ button
7. Click the ‘Load’ button
8. Make characters!

Starting with this version we think it’s in a stable enough status that we are going to be using the JIRA tracker system for it, please report any bugs there.

Also as a side bonus we have a confirmed UI workaround for high resolution displays.

Right click PCGen app, Select Properties, then Compatibility, then turn on Override High DPI scaling. This is for Windows 10, thanks to Brent Warren from FB.