Starfinder v1.6 released!

Starfinder v1.6 is released!

Note: You will need 6.07.03 (Github) or (Sourceforge)

Download the above zip file and follow the directions below

On the Select Sources window, follow the steps below:
1. Click on the Advanced Tab.
2. Click on the “Install Data” button on the bottom of the screen
3. Navigate to downloaded zip file, and import files (select Okay to overwrite any files)
4. Restart PCGen
5. Click on the down arrow on the ‘Game’ drop down menu and select Starfinder
6. Click the ‘Add Selected’ button
7. Click the ‘Load’ button
8. Make characters!

Starting with this version we think it’s in a stable enough status that we are going to be using the JIRA tracker system for it, please report any bugs there.

Also as a side bonus we have a confirmed UI workaround for high resolution displays.

Right click PCGen app, Select Properties, then Compatibility, then turn on Override High DPI scaling. This is for Windows 10, thanks to Brent Warren from FB.

25 Comments on “Starfinder v1.6 released!

  1. I have v6.07.03 Windows version installed. In the Advanced Tab at the top, I don’t have Starfinder listed. I have a lot of games listed, but Starfinder is not one of them.

  2. I get an error message when installing the data that it can’t create a paizo folde rin the location. I do have 6.07.03
    Any fix to this ?

  3. How do you add connections for the mystic or choses chasis for mechanic drones or revelations for solarions

  4. Here a list of issues that i found it:
    Envoy improvisations doesnt show or list.
    Custom computers don’t add their price (except tier) as well as custom weapons.
    Droid companions doesnt work well and its uncomplete.

    I know its an alpha version, but i want to help, im learning how to modify files, but im still have hard time with it.

    Thanks for everything!

  5. I am trying to make my mystic, but I don’t know how to configure the “connection” which grants extra powers and spells (the healer connection for instance).

  6. Any idea when/if the damage on the Vesk’s natural weapon attack will be fixed? Or ideas on how to edit the character sheet so that it displays properly?

  7. Hi, I’m really wanting to use this, but I’m getting this error for pretty much everything:

    17:47:50.388 LSTERROR Thread-6 LstUtils:166 MODIFYOTHER found illegal variable scope: MOVEMENT as first argument: MOVEMENT|Walk|Speed|ADD|-5 (Source: file:/C:/Users/mbsax/Desktop/pcgen/data/starfinder/paizo/core/scr_equip.lst )

    I honestly don’t know what’s going on, it’s like this for every entry, and failing to load, but says it installed correctly. :/

  8. got this to load with 6.07.08 but getting the error: Unable to create a new character. The error was: null

  9. I’m also not able to find the connections for the Mystic. I suppose they’ve yet to be added. I’m also having trouble equipping my equipment.

  10. When can I use this dataset with 6.08.00? Its the only version I have that works. 6.07.03 gets a java error, even tho I have it installed.

    • As of 6.07.01 it’s installed in PCGen, this was only needed while in alpha and preliminary testing state.

  11. How to report bug?

    I build a ysoki mech with skill synergy, skill focus ( mech) and it doesn’t calculate well the total. Is there a more official place to report bugs? But it’s a very good start, very impressive! Cheers!

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