PCGen 6.07.03 Alpha Released!

PCGen is pleased to announce the release of the 6.07.03 Alpha Release of PCGen.


==Notable Changes==

  • Formula System Foundation Implemented
  • Freemarker Support expanded
  • Several new sources

==New Sources==

The following new sources were added in 6.07.03

  • [NEWSOURCE-221] – [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Advanced Class Origins
  • [NEWSOURCE-240] – [Paizo] Ultimate Intrigue
  • [NEWSOURCE-289] – Heroes of the Street
  • [NEWSOURCE-292] – PZO9466 – Blood of Shadows
  • [NEWSOURCE-295] – PZO9441 – People of the Sands
  • [NEWSOURCE-298] – [Paizo] Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Treasures Revisited
  • [NEWSOURCE-302] – People of the River
  • [NEWSOURCE-303] – Cities of Golarion
  • [NEWSOURCE-305] – Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path Player’s Guide
  • [NEWSOURCE-306] – Pathfinder Adventure Path #115: Trail of the Hunted (Ironfang Invasion 1 of 6)
  • [NEWSOURCE-307] – Pathfinder Adventure Path #116: Fangs of War (Ironfang Invasion 2 of 6)
  • [NEWSOURCE-308] – Pathfinder Adventure Path #117: Assault on Longshadow (Ironfang Invasion 3 of 6)
  • [NEWSOURCE-309] – Pathfinder Adventure Path #118: Siege of Stone (Ironfang Invasion 4 of 6)


For the full detail on all changes made in this release, check out the release notes here:


As you can see, the work for 6.08 is progressing well! So for the brave and the bold, please do try out this alpha and give us your feedback.

PCGen is a RPG character generator and maintenance program (d20 systems). All datafiles are ASCII so they can be modified by users for their own campaigns. Please join us http://groups.pcgen.org/, visit our site http://pcgen.org, like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter

Public Relations Team PCGen Project


Note: The “pcgen-6.07.03-full.zip” seems to have been improperly created and the bulk of the program is in the lower directory. Either copy the files in the root of the zip down, or everything in the pcgen directory up before running the pcgen.exe.

  • Joseph White

    Great job, but we need more 5E data.

    • Paul Grosse

      We have included everything that WotC legally allows. Should you do an internet search you might find if their any users have made their own data and are hosting it privately. We do need volunteers to make 3rd party 5e books though.

  • Vasslo Hedlund

    how about starfinder coming soon? hope so

    • Paul Grosse


  • Auro Vee

    I just noticed that the Occult Adventures classes aren’t in this for Pathfinder – which is something I would like to see added soonish.

    • Paul Grosse

      Well we are an all volunteer organization. And the volunteers pick what they want to work on. 🙂

      • Auro Vee

        I see. Well, it’s just a suggestion as I was hoping to use it for something I’m in.

        • Paul Grosse

          OA is largely input into 6.07.03, but it’s in alpha state so is buggy.