Quick update about background activities.

Hi all, Andrew here with the PCGen team. Just wanted to let you know we have our Formula Parser Code Monkey back in action, and he is hashing out a few blocking bugs. Once that happens, (I’ll return from my hiatus), and the data monkeys will be mass rushing the core rules for Pathfinder to convert things to the new system. I anticipate a solid 6 to 9 months of conversion work, since the new system requires a new way of thinking. Based on the timing, you might get STARFINDER released as our first official source using the new system (We shall see)…

In other news, 6.07.03 isn’t far off. I’ll be working with the team to get 6.07.03 out shortly, but as a reward for your patience, we’ll have several new pathfinder source books waiting for you, including the Ultimate Intrigue!

Finally, we’ve been working on migrating to a new server (The existing server has been paid for by a volunteer for several years, and he is no longer able to pay for it).

As always contributions in time, or financially help cover the costs to maintain servers and show up at conventions. Every little bit helps. A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers and supporters. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

On behalf of the PCGen team, thanks! –Andrew

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