New Volunteer Open Call!

Have you noticed that the rate of new books going into each version of PCGen has been slowing? Well there is a reason for that, most notably there is a new formula system coming that will require an overhaul of ALL the data, by hand. This will put a big strain on the remaining data team volunteers.

And I did just say “remaining”, you see as an all volunteer project people come and people go, some because RL calls them away and their free time evaporates. Other times people need to step back before they become burned out.

Andrew Maitland is the current Data Lead and will be handling the brunt of the formula changeover, but he is currently holding down a full time-job, going back to school and has family, He is rapidly reaching the burn-out point and plans to step back some and help train the new data volunteers once the new formula system is in place.

What does this mean for you? Have you ever wanted to help the project but found the data intimidating? Here’s your chance to get some one-on-one assistance with Andrew and help out your favorite project at the same time.

We are looking for some people to help with the project. We have multiple positions that could use some help, these include (but aren’t limited to,) customer support (answer new user’s questions mostly), people to help with data entry or deal with data bug fixes, of course we always need people for the Code Team which is the under-the-hood engine of the program.

–Paul Grosse

-PR Silverback

7 Comments on “New Volunteer Open Call!

  1. I JUST found this site, like….right now. I can volunteer, some, is there a minimum number of hours? Age limit? I have no coding skills, but my kids might, I DO have extensive csr experience, including tech support.

    • No, it’s as you can, and there’s no age limit. The data is plain text with mark up like XML so it’s not hard to pick up, the program itself needs Java skills. Email Andrew at and we’ll find a spot to slot you into.

  2. Hello, i have just download and start to use PCGEN and i think that it’s a nice tool.
    I am skilled in programming and want to help you, but the volunteer link on home page is broken, so i can not apply. What can i do?

  3. I would love to help out. I went back to school last year for software development. Familiar with C, Java, HTML/CSS/JS, etc.
    I’ll email Andrew – thanks!

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