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  1. Anyone else having a problem with the latest JRE install breaking PCGen (6.06.00 or the RC3 build) with Launch4j reporting that the JRE install is non-existent or that the runtime is corrupted?

  2. Hello, I’ve downloaded the latest version of the sheet 6.06.00 and using 1.8.0_71-b15 (Oracle Corporation). I’m creating a D20 Modern character and am finding the Character Sheet is forming properly. Under Proficiencies it’s listing all weapons ever created and none of the equipment is coming through. This is also occuring on older .pcg files from an older version.

    • What version is the character from? It appears the char sheet tab is looking for the standard.htm.ftl which has never been updated to work with the Modern system. Either export to “csheet_modern_std.htm” or a pdf using “xlst”

      • Hi Paul
        Tried what you suggested, exporting to csheet_modern_std.htm and the data transferred correctly, however that included all the weapons under the proficiencies.

  3. Been using PCGen for a while and love it. I just added “Enlarge Person”
    to my Pathfinder character and I use the “temporary bonuses” selection.
    He uses a 1d10 axe normally, but the character sheet does not update to
    2d8 on the enlarged version.

    • I’m seeing this working correctly in 6.06.00 & 6.07.00. What version are you using? What sources are you using?

      • Version: 6.06.00
        Sources: Pathfinder RPG Core Supplements, Rise of the Runelords Player’s Guide

        Other weapons are scaling but the dwarven double waraxe did not go from 1d10 to 2d8

      • So after I got back from the exhibit hall, I tried just unequipping and re-equipping the axe. When I unequipped it, it disappeared altogether from my inventory. I re-added it and equipped it and now it shows fine. It’s like it wasn’t properly seeing the axe as something I own.

      • Ah i think what happened is that the books i need just arent in yet.
        The books i wouldve needed are blood of the night, and inner sea races ( which it looks like you are working towards).
        I imagine you are part of the dev team.
        So you should also know that the gunslinger deed dodge is not being replaced by the musket masters steady aim.
        (Or at least steady aim said it should)

        • I’m the PR guy, i handle most of the public interaction.

          What version are you running? Blood of the night is in 6.06.01. And the place to report bugs is jira pcgen org.

  4. Automatic Bonus Progression does not appear in the “Optional Rules Systems”, so I’m wondering if I’m missing something or if this has not been added yet? (Pathfinder Unchained is loaded for source material)


  5. hello,
    please forgive me for posting this here as im not quite sure where exactly it should be posted. i have a question for you guys, if i may. i have use pcgen off and on for years and its great but i have found as of late it doesnt quite fulfill my current need for a campaign management app. i need something that will allow me to enter all my custom/homebrew information, such as skills, items, modifiers that some items give to other items from a crafting standpoint, and a way to be able to create items using a specific crafting system from within the program. i highly doubt there is such an app that actually exists, especially for free. i have tried several different of the online campaign management website, like world anvil etc, and theyre really not that useful in this regard. i personally have almost zero coding skills and while im currently trying to learn how to code java using netbeans i would like to know if you have any suggestions maybe in a script or app that i could modify to be able to do this. or even a program that already exists that will allow me to set this up the way i want. any information or tips that could be provided in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you and Nyx’s blessings upon you and your team.

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