6.06.01 RC1 Released!

Hi all,

I have tested and uploaded the release files. Downloads are active on the downloads page: http://pcgen.org/download/

Release notes are available.
Jira is updated across the board with the new version.
Repo branch is reset for next version for the autobuild.
Release monkey is officially reporting all duties completed.
Over to Paul for the press releases on the channels.
Barring issues, next weekend will be the 6.06.01 final release.

Side note: Production is the replacement branch for the now obsolete 6.06.x branch. Jenkins is now running the autobuild from production and successfully ran when I tested it. It is not meant to accept any PRs. It is meant only for production stable build releases.
I will prep for a 6.07 release later today. I am hoping Tom or Connor will review the pending PRs before I release 6.07.
Occult Adventures and Path of Shadows will be slated for an OOC when finished.


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