Final GenCon booth payment due by next Friday

Hello all supporters!

This post is to acknowledge everyone who has donated to support the project and helped us get our Gen Con booth.

It is also a request for more donations to cover the last portion of the booth payment. John Reyst of Open Gaming and the PCGen Project have paid $1300 so far for the booth, and we still owe $850. PCGen has just over $240 in the donation account to cover $425 of the remaining portion that PCGen owes. We would also like to buy flyers to hand out at the booth for roughly $230. So if anyone wants to donate you are more than welcome to.

You can use the below link to donate, or should you not want to use Paypal contact us directly (either through, or in the comments) and we’ll work out arrangements.


Thanks for continuing to support PCGen

Paul Grosse

PR Silverback

PCGen Project

PS Thanks to the following who have donated in this donation cycle.

Brandon Baker, Brad Fonseca, Jami Lowery, Stefan Kreisberg, and many more who chose to remain anonymous


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