[From the Board] PCGen Goes to Gen Con 2016. . . ?

Is PCGen going to Gen Con this year?

The reason this is being posted now is because the last two years the booth space has been snapped up within months of the booth registration opening up (just like the hotel space). The Board feels that having a booth at GenCon is a benefit, there is always an increased level of new users, new coders, and a better relationship with publishers that face to face to face contact always brings.

But since this primarily the users project we felt that we should get input and support from the users. So here’s the breakdown.

  • Booth cost $1600 (Half shortly after registering, half in June)  + a sharing fee for sharing the booth
  • Electric $75
  • Fliers $150 (I am willing to pay the majority of this again this year)

We currently have around $600USD in the fund so we would just need to raise an extra $200 for the initial deposit.

John Reyst of d20pfsrd.com has approached us about sharing a booth, which will definitely help on manning the booth but will increase the booth by a sharing fee last time we had a booth this was $350 (we’d split all the costs down the line). Which gets him two exhibitor badges, their name in the exhibitor booth list and on the map.

The booth comes with two badges included, and those would be available for the people will volunteer at the booth for most of the con (myself not included, I’ll buy a badge for my wife and I).

So we’re looking for volunteers to help us man the booth at Gen Con and we certainly appreciate any donation to the project to help us get there. Even if you just want to help cover a couple of hours that would also be appreciated.

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Paul Grosse
PR Silverback
PCGen Board of Directors

P.S. We need to have a PCGen meetup one evening at GenCon.

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