PCGen v6.01.3 (Alpha) Released!



Release Notes for PCGen v6.1.3


Release Notes for PCGen v6.1.3

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What’s new for v6.1.3

PCGen v6.1.3 is
an alpha release from our development branch to allow
experimentation and testing of our latest work.
Please give it a shot and let us know how it works for you.
Some notable changes in this release are listed below.

Notable Changes

  • Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 6th printing errata
  • Character Migration Tool

New Sources

The following new source was added in 6.1.3

  • [Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Expanded – Pawns and Powers

For full details of the new changes in this release, see the Change Log .

James Dempsey for the PCGEN Team — 11 June, 2013.



Java 6 or Java 7. PCGEN 6.1.3 is not compatible with Java 1.5.x and it is NOT SUPPORTED.
To get the latest version of Java, go to
PCGen has been tested with both Java 6 (including OpenJDK) and Java 7.


Please see the

Installation Documentation
for information about installing PCGen.

Read the doc!

Please make sure you read the docs to
familiarize yourself with the changes. You can access it from
docs/index.html located in the PCGen directory.

Download PCGen

Character Changes in 6.1.3

The migration of barbarian rage powers that was needed with 6.1.2 is
now done automatically when you load your character in PCGen 6.1.3.

Characters already migrated will be unaffected.

Custom Data Sets

If you have custom data created using either the old LST Editor, or the my_dataset example files, it is
very important that you read the
Upgrading PCGen and
Upgrading home brews
before installing your new version of PCGen.

Want to Help?

PCGen is an open source project. Anyone who wants to contribute whether it is Java programming, data
set programming, documentation, helping new users, general cat herding, massage, walking the dogs, etc.
is very welcome.

If you want to help drop a mail to PR@pcgen.org
or Content@pcgen.org, or
simply post a message with the title “I Want To Help” in one of the mailing lists.

Useful Links

Change Log for 6.1.3

New Data Source

  • [NEWSOURCE-152] – [Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Expanded – Pawns and Powers

New Code Features

  • [CODE-2150] – Add “Crafting” entry to buy/sell rate dropdown
  • [CODE-2153] – Add unit test for data load errors

New Data Features

  • [DATA-385] – Unusual special mounts can get incorrect INT score
  • [DATA-1074] – Ultimate Magic – Greensting Scorpion Familiar Bonus has been updated. Need Errata.
  • [DATA-1089] – Implement epic advancement of rsrd true dragons; files provided
  • [DATA-1098] – Add Writing and Documents types to the PRD’s “Rice Paper (Sheet)”
  • [DATA-1101] – Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 6th printing errata
  • [DATA-1107] – Fix performance issues – Class Abilities Redone

Mini project

New Tokens

Modified Tokens

  • [NEWTAG-356] – Add output token for age category
  • [NEWTAG-359] – New HITDICE subtoken for Pathfinder statblocks
  • [NEWTAG-363] – Add STAT subtag to test for nonability

New Docs Features

  • [DOCS-263] – RESIZABLEEQUIPTYPE is not documented
  • [DOCS-276] – Update SPELLLEVEL and SPELLKNOWN to hidden Usage Case

Code Bug Fixes

  • [CODE-2146] – PRESPELLTYPE issue
  • [CODE-2155] – Error while levelling up – ConcurrentModificationException in TemplateInputFacet
  • [CODE-2156] – NPE loading character with invalid preview sheet
  • [CODE-2160] – TEMPLATE applied after granting ability removed???
  • [CODE-2165] – Problem with divine spell levels as requirements

Data Bug Fixes

  • [DATA-756] – Int for familiar of Wizard replaced by “*” starting at 9th level
  • [DATA-765] – The Int for a Raven familiar of a 9th or 10th level Wizard is 11 instead of 10.
  • [DATA-1088] – Inquisitor: Judgment Surge unavailable
  • [DATA-1090] – Using 3.5 RSRD – Campaign Set – No Psionics as the only source generates 97 errors after loading
  • [DATA-1096] – Versatile Performance Sing has typo
  • [DATA-1099] – [Pathfinder] – Psionics Expanded – Unlimited Possibilities – Aegis Flight Customization Level Requirement
  • [DATA-1100] – [Pathfinder] – Psionics Expanded – Unlimited Possibilities – Bonus Customization Points Favored Class Option
  • [DATA-1105] – Swift Foot Rage Power Enhancement Stacking – lacks the TYPE=Enhancement
  • [DATA-1106] – [Pathfinder] Elemental Spell feat from APG cannot be correctly applied
  • [DATA-1108] – Price of Strand Of Prayer Beads 20000 GP Too Low
  • [DATA-1109] – [PF – Legacy of Fire Player’s Guide] Minor fixes to campaign traits
  • [DATA-1114] – Lance can not be wielded one-handed (for mounted combat)

Docs Bug Fix

  • [DOCS-275] – DEFINE:BAB doesn’t (seem to) work as described in docs


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