PCGen v.6.08.00 RC6 Released!

The PCGen Team is pleased to announce that PCGen v.6.08.00 RC6has been released. We believe this to be a stable version for the next 6.08.00 Production Release.

The Mac developer is currently working on getting a dmg released. This page will be updated when it’s available.!


What’s new for v6.08.00RC6

PCGen v6.08.00RC6 is released as a RELEASE CANDIDATE from our development branch. This is the culmination release that we believe will be the next production release. This is a Stable release. Please give it a shot and let us know how it works for you. Some notable changes in the 6.08.00RC6 release are listed below.

Notable Changes

  • Numerous Data & Code issues resolved + RC6 Added 40 Resolved Issues
    • DATA-3769 – [PF] Races from Advanced Race Guide cannot be selected as Adoptive Race with the Adopted trait
    • DATA-3828 – [Starfinder] Weapons missing damage type
    • DATA-3832 – [Starfinder] Weapons missing damage type in all source books
    • DATA-3834 – Some Drawbacks do not check var: BypassDrawbackRestriction
    • DATA-3836 – Archaeologist Uncanny Dodge does not stack with Rogue/Barbarian Uncanny Dodge correctly.
    • DATA-3840 – Gunslinger not granted a Weapon from their initial choice
    • DATA-3843 – [Pathfinder] Eldritch Scion Magus doesn’t present Bloodrager Bloodline choice
    • DATA-3850 – Ultimate Psionics Astral Skin not functioning
    • DATA-3854 – PF – Armor Specialization Failure
    • DATA-3856 – PF – Armiger Fighter Archetype & Hellknight cause unreachable 2nd order selection. Need to prevent 2nd selection.
    • DATA-3857 – Hexcrafter Magus archetype is able to select Hex-related feats but not Major Hex-related feats
    • DATA-3860 – Brawler’s Flurry shows wrong damage amount
    • DATA-3869 – Pathfinder Inquisitor and Cleric Domains not combining correctly.
    • DATA-3882 – Magical Knack doesn’t apply correctly for ACG classes
    • DATA-3884 – Sorcerer Metamagic Adept ability does not show number of uses for Wildblooded Sage.
    • DATA-3893 – Swashbuckler panache and Gunslinger grit do not pool
    • DATA-3901 – No Greensting Scorpion familiar for the Sorcerer Bloodline Familiar Archetype
    • DATA-3907 – Mammoth rider prestige class requirement “var: AnimalCompanionLVL at least 6” not being completed even with a level 9 Emissary Cavalier with a full level mount
    • DATA-3908 – Weapon Modification Razor Sharp: daily uses calculated/displayed wrong
    • DATA-3909 – Improved Spell Capacity does not grant spell slots
    • DATA-3910 – [Starfinder] Uplifted Bear stats incorrect.
    • DATA-3912 – pathfinder has CMD/CMB_DirtyTrick and CMD/CMB_DirtyTricks
    • DATA-3915 – Pathfinder Discovery Mutagen not granting Mutagen class feature
    • DATA-3916 – Stingchuck (AA) is wrong category
    • DATA-3917 – Investigator Sleuth Archetype Should not have Spell Casting
    • DATA-3918 – Pathfinder Inquisitor Sin Eater Archetype should only replace the 6th Level Teamwork Feat
    • DATA-3919 – Archetype listing incorrect requirements
    • DATA-3921 – Armor Master’s Handbook Feat Errors
    • DATA-3922 – Dispelling Bomb alchemist discovery is available too early
    • DATA-3923 – Trox minor issues
    • DATA-3925 – Tiefling Bloodline Racial traits
    • DATA-3926 – PF – Pistolero Gunslinger archetype does not get Pistol Training in “Guns Everywhere”
    • DATA-3928 – Eldritch Scion (Magus Archetype) doesn’t get to select a bloodrager bloodline.
    • DATA-3930 – Starfinder – Melee Striker Gear Boost doesn’t appear to be adding the bonus
    • DATA-3932 – Handaxe not working properly on a Monk D&D 5e
    • DATA-3933 – [STARFINDER] Additional Weapon Profs in supplements missing
    • DATA-3934 – Bestiary 1: Dire Wolf kit has “Weapon Focus (Claw)” and it should have “Weapon Focus (Bite)”
    • DATA-3935 – Tiefling Racial Traits Pathfinder
    • DATA-3936 – Vigilante Cabalist Archetype Spellcasting is Not Implemented
    • DATA-3913 – Shocking Robe does not change Caster Level for Electricity spells or add electricity resistance. Please add.
  • Starfinder Game System Implemented
  • Sagaborn Game System Implemented
  • New Formula System Implementation Phase I – Stabilized
  • Starfinder Game System Implemented
  • New Sources Included
    • [4 Winds Fantasy Gaming] Book of Arcane Magic (PFRPG)
    • [Paizo] Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide
    • [Paizo] Bestiary 4
    • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Advanced Class Origins
    • Pathfinder Player Companion: Giant Hunter’s Handbook (PFRPG)
    • [Paizo] Ultimate Intrigue
    • [Paizo] Occult Adventures
    • Pathfinder Beginner Box – GM Guide
    • [Ascension Games] Path of Shadows
    • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragonslayer’s Handbook
    • Pathfinder Player Companion: Familiar Folio
    • PAIZO 9459 – Dirty Tactics Toolbox
    • PAIZO 9456 – Heroes of the Wild
    • Paizo 9432 – Kobolds of Golarion
    • PAIZO 9444 – Undead Slayer’s Handbook
    • PAIZO 9435 – Pathfinder Society Primer
    • PAIZO 9280 Inner Sea Races
    • PAIZO 9255 – Chronicle of the Righteous
    • PAIZO 9290 – Inner Sea Faiths
    • Sagaborn
    • [Paizo] Armor Master’s Handbook
    • Heroes of the Street
    • PZO9466 – Blood of Shadows
    • Blood of the Beast
    • [Legendary] Treasury of the Pharaohs
    • PZO9441 – People of the Sands
    • Pathfinder Player Companion: Monster Summoner’s Handbook
    • [Paizo] Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Treasures Revisited
    • People of the River
    • Cities of Golarion
    • Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path Player’s Guide
    • Pathfinder Adventure Path #115: Trail of the Hunted (Ironfang Invasion 1 of 6)
    • Pathfinder Adventure Path #116: Fangs of War (Ironfang Invasion 2 of 6)
    • Pathfinder Adventure Path #117: Assault on Longshadow (Ironfang Invasion 3 of 6)
    • Pathfinder Adventure Path #118: Siege of Stone (Ironfang Invasion 4 of 6)
    • Adventurer’s Armory 2
    • Legacy of Dragons
    • Aquatic_Adventures
    • Everyman Gaming Kitsune Compendium
    • Adventurer’s Guide
    • Artifacts & Legends
    • Starfinder RPG
    • Pathfinder Player Companion: Divine Anthology
    • Pathfinder Player Companion: Healer’s Handbook
    • Elemental Master’s Handbook
    • Inner Sea Intrigue
    • Ultimate Wilderness
    • Monster Codex
    • Andoran, Birthplace of Liberty
    • [TPK Games (Total Party Kill Games)] Feats of Legend: 20 Alcohol Feats
    • Bestiary 5
    • [LPJ] Infinite Space Themes: The Outlaw Crew
    • PZO9469 – Spymaster’s Handbook
    • [Paizo] Starfinder: Pact Worlds
    • Player’s Companion: Harrow Handbook
    • [Starfinder] Alien Archive
    • Implement Wrath of the Righteous AP
    • [Paizo] Beastiary 6
    • [Paizo] Dungeons of Golarion
    • Divine Favor: The Cleric by Kobold Press
    • Pathfinder Player Companion: Cohorts and Companions
    • Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Rival Guide
    • [Pathfinder] Horror Adventure
    • Strange Aeons AP Players Guide
    • PF – Occult Origins
    • New Source – Inner Sea Temples
    • Pathfinder Player Companion: Legacy of the First World
    • [Starfinder] Starfinder Armory
    • Pathfinder: Magic Tactics Toolbox
    • Pathfinder AP: Ruins of Azlant Players Guide
    • Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Taverns
    • [Starfinder] Alien Archive 2
    • Everyman Gaming: Kitsune Kineticist Options
    • Pathfinder Player’s Companion: Monster Hunter’s Handbook
    • Pathfinder Companion: Mythic Origins
    • Pathfinder Player’s Companion: Black Markets [PZO9462]
    • [d20pfsrd] Blood & Steel – The Ninja
    • Player Companion: Agents of Evil [PZO9464]
    • Haunted Heroes Handbook

For the full detail on all changes made in this release, check out the release notes here:



Java 11 aka Java 55 aka 18.09 or 18.10. (Including OpenJDK 11 variants)

PCGEN 6.08.00 RC6 is not compatible with Java 10 (or earlier) and it is NOT SUPPORTED. To get the latest version of Java, go to AdoptOpenJDK. PCGen has been tested with OpenJDK and AdoptOpenJDK Java 11 (including the JRE). We decided to use Java 11 as this is a 3-year supported (Long Term Support), Java 8 is no longer updated.

Be aware that due to Oracle’s new Licensing, and lack of availability of the Java 11 JRE public releases, we are recommending OpenJDK alternative. AdoptOpenJDK also have JREs (Normal Java) for the end users that is not installed and may take an extra couple of steps to make work. If this is not something you want to worry about, then please use the WINDOWS INSTALLER version of PCGen, as this comes with embedded JREs for both x86 and x64 Windows OS’s. For those that want to do the manual installation, please see below for the ‘How to Install’ links below for your Operating System. You can download the Oracle Java 11 JDK but that will be a much bigger download.

Note: To use the BAT file, you need to have the System Variables for JAVA_HOME set to the root folder of the Java 11 (Has the bin folder in it), and then the System Variables ‘path’ have ‘%JAVA_HOME%\bin’ included. You can either set this manually, or install Chocolately and then run ‘choco install openjdk’ in your command prompt window or powershell. Interesting side note, you can install JDK 11 from oracle running ‘choco install jdk11’.


HELP! The .exe doesn’t work for me with OpenJDK.

If you have it installed correctly, you can use http://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html to reset association for the .jar file, and that works.

NOTE: The specific files for loading PCGen are as follows:

  • pcgen.exe (Main Executable for Windows)
  • pcgen.bat (Command Line Executable for Windows)
  • pcgen.sh (Command Line Executable for Linux / Mac)
  • pcgen,jar (Java Executable file – Mac users)

Please direct all help inquires to our new Media Channels:

16 Comments on “PCGen v.6.08.00 RC6 Released!

  1. would it be possible to get the book quintessential cleric 2 book by mongoose publishing i have looked everywhere to find a pcc file for it use but i cannot

  2. I installed this (upgrading from 6.04.01). Overall 6.08.00 RC6 is vastly superior.

    BUT – after displaying the character sheet, then going to another tab, and then trying to display the character sheet again – it never refreshes.

    The only solution I’ve found is to exit and restart pcgen. A slow process if the DM is waiting for info from you.

    Any fix for this?

  3. Hey is there any chance of getting the sphere walker prestige class added it’s in the skinsaw murders adventure path

  4. Please note the Feat: Skill focus should only be giving a flat +3 to the skill chosen, regardless of ranks. Instead, it’s acting like the Pathfinder feat which adds an extra +3 (for a total of +6) to skills with 10 ranks or more.

  5. Please note that the Starfinder Feat: Skill Focus should only give a +3 bonus to the skill chosen, regardless of ranks. Instead, the skill is acting like the Pathfinder feat with gives an extra +3 (for a total of +6) to skills with 10 ranks or more. Thank you

  6. Inquisitor Sactified Slayer archetype is not correctly applying studied target bonues (has a flat 2 instead of the appropriate scaling) and does not allow for slayer talents to be selected as they should be.

  7. Are we going to get new updates with the Pathfinder 2e Rules?
    I love this application as it has been helping with all the complexity I came across on Pathfinder 1e.

  8. I am stymied on OS/X “Catalina” with a “Cannot Load Campaign” bug that appears to be unrelated to any of the old weird issues I’ve grown used to hunting down.

    It worked fine entering a character (under Catalina) in the AM, came back to look at that same character in the afternoon, and nothing has worked since; where it dies seems random and unrelated to the issue; I can chase down a purported problem to find nothing wrong, delete the offending line for the sake of bug-hunting, and the bug just moves…

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