PCGen 5.17.10 (Alpha) Released

PCGen 5.17.10 (Alpha) marks the PCGen team’s shift of focus to the next developmental cycle. Download your free copy here:


One of the primary goals for this cycle (5.17.x/6.0) includes the completion of ‘under-the-hood’ architectural changes begun in 5.14.x and continued through 5.16.x. These changes, though for the most part invisible to the user, will make way for some long needed changes in the user experience as work begins on overhauling the User Interface and the LST Editors. Another benefit of the changes underway as part of this development cycle will be a furthering of PCGen’s flexibility when working with the d20 rules system, but will in the end, also make it easier to adapt PCGen to the myriad rules system used throughout the gaming industry.

You can see all of the changes included in this release by checking out the release notes:


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