I hear you like 5e, so do we…

Thanks to the amazingly hard work of Bahamut Dragon, Wemes, Quonic, NGuill, & Andrew “Legacyking” Maitland who created the base 5e dataset and donated it to the project and Andrew Maitland who worked it over since the release to make sure it matches the SRD. PCGen has our first version of the D&D 5e Gamemode and dataset available for the public!

Download 6.06.00rc01, download this file, click on “Install Data” on the bottom of the sources screen and you are golden. Report any bugs at jira.pcgen.org.

In case you somehow missed the news WotC released D&D 5th Edition as OGL and released an SRD yesterday.

Please note that this is our first version so please report any bugs and issues at http://jira.pcgen.org


UPDATE: This is now rolled into the latest production version of PCGen.

  • Dave

    Great News! Cant wait to check it out after work. Thanks a lot for the extremly quick reaction of you guys

    • LK

      Normally, that would have taken a few weeks, but as mentioned, we had things in place well before now, and several contributors made it extremely easy to make the necessary alterations to get an ALPHA SRD5 available quickly. As an added bonus since I know our community wanted this in any format, I have included it as part of the upcoming 6.06.00 release. The OOC install will be updated with changes as they become available. Of note, the bestiary/NPC section is the most incomplete at this time. The focus in on playable PC characters.

  • Eric Wemes

    I’m really happy to hear this news as well. I’m one of the people mentioned above that helped with the project, and I’d be happy to help in any way that I can.

    • LK

      Thanks Eric. It is refreshing to see an active homebrew effort.

  • Wes Sager

    I’m having some issues getting this to load. Any idea what’s going on?

    • EarlGreystoke

      I’m having the same problem. Made sure to uninstall 6.04 before installing 6.06. PCGen says 5e loads successfully, but doesn’t show up in the source list.

      • Wes Sager

        I finally got it. I had to close out of it and reload it. Fixed my issue right away.

        • EarlGreystoke

          Ha. So it does.. Thanks!

          • Wes Sager

            Not a problem! lol

  • Wes Sager

    Any chance of Eldritch Knight and other archetypes that aren’t in yet being put in soon? lol

  • Jesse Andrew Ward

    So why is it that Wizards hasnt released all backgrounds in the SRD?

    • Paul Grosse

      The 5e SRD is a Design Style Document for publishers, not a whole system document like the 3e & 35e SRD was. This is aimed at allowing publishers to design compatible systems to support 5e without giving away the farm, at least that’s my belief.

  • Aaron Bermond

    I’m unable to locate wood-elf as a subrace in the latest verison of PCGen while using D&D 5e as the source. What should I do?

  • Rj Harnish

    Hey so I’m looking to run a Knight from the 3.5 PHB II but i cant seem to find the class. Can anyone help me out?

    • Paul Grosse

      Other than the core books and some parts of the Unearthed Arcana, WotC never produced any open material. Some of the users have created their own files, and may have put them on their own webspaces, but we couldn’t tell you where. I’d advice a google search.