PCGen Source Help

This section will provide information on how to use specific datasets. It is not intended to detail every aspect of the dataset but is specifically focused on features and aspects of the dataset which are hidden, obscure, counter intuitive or simply unimplemented. When it is not obvious how a particular feature from a source book is handled by PCGen we will include that information here. If a feature can not currently be supported in PCGen we will use this section to let you know and include suggestions on how to work around the problem. For more general instructions on how to use the program you should read the Character Creation Walkthrough section which includes a step by step tutorial on how to create a character.

An example of a feature which would be included in this section is the Arcane Archer. The Arcane Archer has the ability to enchant any non-magical arrow he notches in his bow, this feature is not easily done within PCGen data and there is no way to have it accounted for automatically. The current solution is a special equipment modifier created for this purpose. To use this feature you must customize a non-magical arrow and add this equipment modifier to it, it costs nothing and only grants bonuses to an Arcane Archer but when used by an Arcane Archer the appropriate bonuses appear on the character sheets. Because of the unusual (and some what obscure) way this feature is implemented it is detailed here.

Another example is a class ability of the Archmage. As the Archmage gains levels he is given the option to choose a spell he knows and thereafter use it as a spell-like ability. PCGen at this time does not have the capability to choose a spell from the characters spell list and display it within the SA text. The suggested work around is to record your spell choices in a note in the description tab.