PCGen Open Gaming Content (OGC)

The PCGen team has provided a number of data sets designed to enhance material provided by publishers. These sets can be found on, and loaded from, the Advanced tab on the Select Sources dialog, under the header "PCGen OGL". The sets available are described below:

  1. PCGen OGC Fantasy
  2. PCGen OGC Psicrystal Hit Dice
  3. Standard Campaign: 80 Point Buy Method
  4. PCGen Enhancement Re-Namer

PCGen OGC Fantasy Data Set

Game Mode: 3e and 35e

The PCGen Open Gaming Content dataset contains generally useful items which are detailed below. These items existence may be implied or extrapolated from other sources but are not specifically detailed. They are provided here under the terms of the Open Gaming License. For the moment this list is small but may grow as users suggest additional useful items, post your suggestions to our PCGen Yahoo group .


Equipment Name Cost
Quiver 1 sp
Sheath 1 sp
Armor Padding 5 gp
Cap (Steel) 1 gp
Helmet (Visored ) 5 gp
Bracers of Armor +9 81000 gp
Bracers of Armor +10 100000 gp

Equipment Descriptions

Quiver: A light leather container with a strap made for carrying arrows or bolts. Groups of 20 bolts or arrows usually come in a quiver.

Sheath: A simple leather container with a strap made for carrying a single weapon; it can either be worn on a belt for one-handed type weapons or across the back for larger two-handed weapons.

Armor Padding: This item comes with the purchase of Full Plate armor.

Cap (Steel): This item comes with the purchase of a Chain Shirt.

Helmet (Visored): This item comes with the purchase of Full Plate armor.

Bracers of Armor +9 and +10: These items function exactly like other Bracers of Armor just at a +9 and +10 bonus. They are included here because the MagicItemsV.rtf document details Bracers from +1 to +8 and the Epic document details Bracers from +11 and higher. These two fill in the gap.

Starting Funds Kits

These kits will randomly grant an amount of gold, adding it to the "Gold" field on the Gear Tab which can then be spent purchasing equipment. There are several kits corresponding to the typical dice used for this purpose. The Starting Gold kits can be applied as many times as you wish and they will continue to add more gold to your PC.

Starting Funds (1d4 times 10)

Starting Funds (2d4 times 10)

Starting Funds (3d4 times 10)

Starting Funds (4d4 times 10)

Starting Funds (5d4 times 10)

Starting Funds (6d4 times 10)

PCGen OGC - Psicrystal Hit Dice Data Set

Game Mode: 35e

The PCGen Open Gaming Content - Psicrystal Hit Dice dataset is designed to modify Psicrystals in the RSRD Psionics dataset so that they gain hit dice as the Master progresses in class levels.

The need for this originates from certain interpretations of the Psicrystal rules which hold that Psicrystals gain hit dice as the Master progresses in class levels and by extension also gain feats every 3 levels and stat bumps every 4. The dataset was not coded in this way and the designers apparently never intended this, however no errata has been published to refute or clarify this interpretation. This set is provided for those who wish to play Psicrystals under this interpretation.

This set must be loaded with the RSRD Psionics set or the RSRD Complete set (which includes Psionics). When loaded it adds Hit Dice (Monster Class Levels) equal to the masters Psionic class levels. It also adds a point to the feat pool at first, third and every three levels after. Every four levels it grants a 1 point increase to an attribute of the user's choice.

Note: An unmodified Psicrystal is granted Alertness as a virtual feat, this set disables that, Alertness must be purchased with a feat point if it is desired.

Additional Feature

The rules state that a Psicrystal has at least 4 Ranks in Spot, Listen, Move Silently, and Search even if its Master does not. PCGen cannot implement this automatically so 4 temporary bonuses can be activated manually by the user to bring the ranks of these skills up to 4 if the Master is lacking. They can be found in the Temporary Bonuses sub-tab of the Inventory Tab under templates. Each starts with the name "Psicrystal Skills" and allows you to set the Rank from 1 to 4.

Standard Campaign: 80 Point Buy Method

Game Mode: Default

The 80 Point Standard Campaign point-buy-method is provided as part of the default gameMode folder and so is made available if the selected gameMode doesn't include a Point-Buy Method. The 80 point system assumes initial stats are set to zero.

Stat Value Point Cost
3 -6
4 -2
5 1
6 4
7 6
8 8
9 9
10 10
11 11
12 12
13 13
14 15
15 17
16 20
17 23
18 27

PCGen Enhancement Re-namer

Game Mode: 3e, 35e, and Pathfinder

The PCGen Enhancement Re-namer modifies the Magic Equipment Modifiers so that at the time of item creation the + is put in front of the item name instead of behind, i.e. "+1 Longsword"