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The Modern System Reference Document, or MSRD, contains the core rules for the Modern d20 role playing game published by Wizards of the Coast under the Open Gaming License and contains much of the material found in the core book.

Loading the MSRD

To load the MSRD set you always have to load at least the Basics. You have two options for that: you can load the complete MSRD Basics set, which contains all the sets from the MSRD > PARTIAL > BASICS section, or you can load just the partial Modern Basics set from that section. Other than that you can mix and match the complete section sets with the partial sets as you like, but you should not load a Complete section set and any of the Partial sets from that very section at the same time because it is basically loading the same data twice.

General Issues


The Wealth system in the MSRD is not fully implemented within PCGen , though it is fairly easy to work around the limitations. When adding the first level of a base class you are prompted to choose the result of your starting wealth roll which you will need to make manually. This roll is added to any bonuses granted from your starting occupation and/or feats which may effect Wealth and that is your Starting Wealth Score. The starting Wealth Score and Current Wealth Score are displayed on the Abilities Tab in the Special Abilities window and on the Special Abilities Block of the OS. Your Current Wealth Score is displayed in the lower right pane of the Class Tab as well as on the first page of the OS. Since Wealth is fluid and can change based on circumstances within the game a Temporary Bonus exists named Wealth Adjustment which allows you to do exactly that. You will find this in the Temporary Bonus Sub-Tab of the Inventory Tab under Templates. You can apply a modifier from 10 to -10, if you need more or there is more than one adjustment to make you can apply the Wealth Adjustment as many times as is needed. Wealth Adjustment is applied to the Current Wealth Score and leaves the Starting Wealth Score untouched.

Buying stuff. PCGen does not yet support the abstract wealth system presented in the Modern rules. As a work around we use the COST attribute to hold the Purchase DC of the item instead of its monetary value. You should check the box marked 'Ignore Cost', consult the Purchase DC of the item and your Current Wealth Score and make your rolls manually.

*** Updated 5.9.5

Action Points

Action Points are now granted automatically by the class that provides them. Modification of the Action Points is still done on the Temporary Bonus Sub-Tab of the Inventory Tab . There are now two temporary modifiers named Used Action Points and Bonus Action Points , which can be used to modify a character's Action Points.

The Used Action Points tracker is to be applied if you spend Action Points. It records APs as spent and thus reduces the amount of available ones. The Bonus Action Points tracker can be used, if you should get Action Points from an unexpected source, like a GM handing out Bonus APs or some House Rule of yours. Your remaining Action Points will then be automatically calculated from the difference of gained and spent Action Points. Both can be applied multiple times.

*** Updated 5.13.11


Unlike the fantasy game, Modern does not grant bonus languages based on the characters Intelligence Mod, however up until version 5.13.11 this rule was erronously implemented. This has been corrected and in addition there is no longer a pop up selector to choose the charatcers native language. Instead all characters are granted 1 bonus language which represents the native language and can be chosen at any time from the Language, Weapon Prof & SA window.


Smart Hero

Because of limitations with the PCGen code the Smart Hero's Linguist talent will not appear as a talent choice at first level. If you want to select it at first level anyway, instead of selecting a talent, close the Feat Choice window without making a selection, add the necessary ranks in the Read/Write Language and Speak Language skills on the Skills tab , and select Linguist as one of the feats on the Feats tab .


Firearms and Ammunition

Ammunition is sold in bundles, the number of which depends on the type. In PCGen you will find two versions of each ammo, one is a bundle in which it is sold and one is a single projectile. The two versions are identical accept for the name, the Buy DC listed is always for the bundle, you can't buy single bullets. The single projectile version exists for the convenience of being able to add an exact amount of these items to the character sheet, they will appear on the sheet with check boxes handy for tracking spent ammo. You can also load bullets into firearms in the Equipping Tab and checkboxes will appear under the firearms listing in the main Equipment Block.

Weapon Accessories

Some weapon accessories only make sense when attached to a weapon. For that matter the Illuminator , Laser Sight , Standard Scope , Electro-optical Scope , Speed Loader , and Suppressor were not included as equipment in PCGen , but as equipment modifiers. To use one of these items you have to select the weapon you want to apply the item to and customize it. To do so, right-click the weapon and select " Create custom item " in the menu. This will open the " Item Customizer ", where you can select the modifiers you want to attach to your weapon.