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3.0 SRD Basics

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3.0 SRD - Campaign Set - Core Book I

3.0 SRD - Campaign Set - Core Books I and II

3.0 SRD - Campaign Set - Core Books I, II and III

The System Reference Document, or SRD, contains the core rules for the d20 fantasy role playing game published by Wizards of the Coast under the Open Gaming License and contains much of the material found in the three core books and the Psionics supplement.

Loading the SRD

To load the SRD set you have three options, you can load the 3.0 SRD Complete set, you can load the 3.0 SRD Basics set and any of the other Partial 3.0 SRD sets or you can load one (and only one) of the campaign sets. You should not load the 3.0 SRD Complete set and any of the Partial sets or Campaign sets at the same time because it is basically loading the same data twice. If you load any of the Partial sets keep in mind that the 3.0 SRD Basics set is required for any of the other Partial sets. The Partial sets are designed to allow you to pick and choose which options you wish to include while the Campaign sets are designed to facilitate a specific style of play. When using a Campaign set do not load any other RSRD sets with it.

The basics set contains objects which are called from more than one of the other sets for example it includes Monster Classes and Magical Enhancement Equipment Modifiers, this is to keep things simplified but it does mean that the Basics set contains material found in other sections of the SRD and is not necessarily limited to material found in the Core Rule Book. This is one reason the Campaign sets were created. A word of caution: because the Core Book I Campaign set contains only material found in Core Book I you may experience problems if this is loaded with a third party dataset which requires objects (such as Monster Classes and Magical Enhancement Equipment Modifiers) not included in it.

Class Features

Arcane Archer

The Arcane Archer has the ability to enchant any non-magical arrow notched in his bow. This feature cannot be automatically enabled in PCGen. To have the effects of this feature activated you must customize a non-magical arrow with the Arcane Archer Enhancement equipment modifier. Ammo with this EQMOD applied to it and loaded in a bow will display the proper bonuses for the Arcane Archers level. A PC with no levels of Arcane Archer will gain no benefit.


Some Domains grant Casterlevel bonuses to spells of Certain Schools, Subschools or Descriptors as detailed in the Domains description. These bonuses are not active by default because of a limitation within PCGen. Domains are class abilities and the casterlevel bonuses should only apply to spells granted from the same class granting the Domain. PCGen cannot limit this and will apply a bonus to any qualifying spell regardless of what class it comes from. For example if you create a Cleric/Wizard with the Knowledge Domain it would grant a +1 Casterlevel bonus to all Divination spells Cleric and Wizard alike. We have provided a way to activate these bonuses, Under Settings -> Preferences -> House Rules you will find the rule "Apply Casterlevel Bonuses from Domains to Spells". Checking this box will activate these bonuses. Note that if your character does not have spells from other classes you will not be breaking any rules.


Awakened Animal

The Awakened Animal template can be applied to any animal on which the spell Awaken has been cast. All the effects of the spell are implemented including the random stat adjustments to the Animals Intelligence and Charisma. However if you remove the template the stats will not revert back, you will need to manually change them back to where they were. You will also need to remove the language added by the template and any skill points spent on skill ranks.