Fantasy Flight Games: Sorcery and Steam
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Game Mode: 3e


FFG - Sorcery and Steam - Source Book


FFG - Sorcery and Steam - Full Steampunk Campaign

Campaign Modes

Sorcery and Steam has two modes of use. The first is Steampunk as Exotic. Firearms are Exotic weapons and the technology presented in Sorcery and Steam is rare. The second is the Full Steampunk Campaign. Firearms are common and are considered simple weapons and steam technology exists throughout the campaign world. In this mode there are slight differences in some of the base classes as well as some class variants.

If you are using the first mode, Steampunk as Exotic, you need only load the main Sorcery and Steam dataset. If you want to use the second mode you must load the main Sorcery and Steam dataset as well as the optional Full Steampunk Campaign dataset. This will re-type firearms into simple weapons and make adjustments to the base classes. You must load both sources to fully implement this mode.

Guns as melee weapons

Firearms can be used as melee weapons by virtue of the fact that they have some weight and would hurt should you be smacked on the head with one. To provide game stats for this use there are 3 items in the equipment list, Pistol (As Melee Weapon), Musket (As Melee Weapon) and Musket (As Melee Weapon with Bayonet). These items have no cost or weight but if they are added to your character they will show up on the output sheet with the correct stats for use as melee weapons. This is a work-around for the fact that PCGen cannot now treat the same weapon as both ranged and melee.



If there are any technical knowledge skills in your custom files or from other sources that you feel should be Artificer class skills you can .MOD them to add the Tech TYPE (for example see Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering).MOD) and they will become Artificer class skills.

Gun Glyph

The Marksman class ability is listed under Special Abilities but the benefit is not applied to the character sheet unless an equipment mod is applied to the equipment item itself. To do this right click on the firearm in the equipment list and choose Create Custom Item, then choose Gun Glyph Weapon and buy it. Once equipped the appropriate bonuses will appear on your character sheet. The cost of the mod is free and the bonuses will only benefit a Gun Glyph character so if another character uses the item there is no bonus. This mod is meant to reflect class abilities and do not change the condition of the item itself. Note that the weapon mod only applies to the Gun the Gun Glyph constructed to qualify for the class.