Paradigm Concepts: Player's Guide to Arcanis for PCGen help file

Game Mode: 35e


PCI - Player's Guide to Arcanis

Warning : This is a campaign dataset, in addition to loading data specific to Arcanis this set loads the parts of the RSRD set used in an Arcanis campaign. You should not load the RSRD complete set nor should you load the Basics, Advanced or Psionics Partial sets with the Player's Guide to Arcanis set or you will likely encounter problems. The Monster, Epic and Divine Partial sets are not loaded by this set and are probably safe to load in conjunction with the Player's Guide to Arcanis.

Character Creation

Making A Point Buy System in PCGen for playing Living Arcanis.

If you don't have a point buy method set up yet, do the following:

1.Go to Settings --> Preferences on the PCGen menu bar
2.On the screen that comes up (Character Stats), make the radio button for purchase mode is selected.
3.Click the "Purchase Mode Configuration..." button
4.Adjust the "Purchase Score Min" and "Purchase Score Max" values using the + and - buttons to be 8 and 18 respectively.
5.Click in each box under the "Cost" column and adjust each ability score accordingly (8 should be 0, 9 should be 1, 10 should be 2, etc. just remember that the cost in each box is cumulative.
6.Click the "New" button.
7.Type a name you will remember (I used Living Arcanis) then put 32 in the "points" box.
8.Click okay.
9.Click Okay again
10.Close out of the setup dialog box.


When you select your race, when you go to do another function, it will prompt you for several items. If you selected a race with a sub-race (Dwarf, Elorii, Val) it will prompt you to select your sub-race first, then your region and sub-region. If you selected a race without sub-races, you will be prompted for your region and sub-region only.

A Special Note on Vals

Your Bloodranks are done through templates. To select your first bloodrank, go to the Race tab. In the templates sub-tab, select "First Bloodrank". After selecting it, you will be prompted for your bloodline power selection. If you want to have more bloodranks at the beginning, select Second Bloodrank, and Third Bloodrank (if you are going that high). If you are using point buy, just make sure that when you are buying your attributes, you only spend the appropriate number of points. (only spend 24 if you are buying a second bloodrank, 20 if you are buying 3 bloodranks). The program will prompt you to say that you haven't spent all your points. It will allow you to continue even if you didn't spend all your attribute points. Be careful, the program will let you spend more points than you are allowed.


Make sure you select a Deity before adding any class levels, feats, skills, etc., whether your class depends on worshipping a specific deity or not. You never know when a class feature might rely on what deity you are worshipping or when a class won’t allow you to select it if you do not worship a specific deity.

Regions and Sub-regions

Currently the only regions listed are those from the Player’s Guide.

Known Issues


The Clerics of various deities are handled by subclasses. However, despite attempts to make it so, the program does not limit you to choosing a particular deity. So be good and choose the correct deity for the cleric you create.

Cleric of Larissa
The program will not force you to choose either the Pleasure or Divination domains. You will have to do that yourself. Making the program assign one actually assigns them both which causes other issues. This is something that will hopefully be fixed in future versions of PCGen.

Holy Judge of Nier
When you reach 20th level, you will have to adjust the HP manually to their max level.
On the Summary tab, click the HP button and adjust the HP to equal 200 + (20 x your CON bonus)

Paladin of Sarish
Sarishan Steel Weapon: You will have to custom make and add the weapon to your equipment ignoring cost on your own. Be advised, this is only possible if you have the LARC loaded. Sarishan Steel is not in the PgtA.
To create the custom item, go to the Inventory tab, and the Gear sub tab. Find the weapon you want. Right click it and choose "Create Custom". Select Sarishan Steel from the options that show up and click the "ADD" button. Click okay. Put a check mark in the box in the lower right corner that says "Ignore Cost". Highlight the custom item and click the ">" button at the top to move it over to the right hand panel. Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a Sarishan Steel weapon.

Prestige Classes

Andabatae Style: Due to limitations in the program, the Andabatae has to be it's own class. The rest are subclasses of the Gladiator subclass. So just make sure you know which one you are going for ahead of time.

Samnite style: The two Weapon Focus and Specialization feats you gain from this style are coded in, however, due to a bug in the program, only the Short Sword Focus and Specialization feat will show up in the display. But if you print a character sheet, both feats will show on there and it will be factored into both weapons properly. If you are using 5.8 or later, this may already be fixed.

Obsidian Sniper
At 9th level, the program gives you Improved Critical (Shortbow) and Superior Critical (Shortbow). Enhanced Critical is not an actual feat and was printed in the PGtA erroneously.

Onaran Templar
As of right now, the domain spells are not being added to the PCs known spells automatically. Once you have attained fourth level you will have to double click on the domain spells to add them to your known spell list.
The War domain is automatically added at 4th level, however, due to a bug in the PCGen code, the feats from it are not added automatically. You have to go to the Domains tab and deselect the domain by highlighting it and pressing the Select button, then reselecting it by highlighting it and pressing select. This is slated to be fixed for PCGen 5.8.

Weapon Savant
When you achieve the second level of the class, you get to finesse all your weapons. However, if you were to take Weapon Finesse afterwards (or before) you would get double your Dex bonus. Be good and don’t do this.


Due to program limitations, you will have to manually add the Skill points to use from this feat. Under the Skills tab, type the new appropriate skill total in the TOTAL SKILL POINTS LEFT box.


Lorica, Andrean Plate and Milandisian Cuirass

Due to inherent limitations in the PCGen code, each of these is two separate armors. If you are not proficient with the armor, use the regular version. If you are proficient with it, use the (Proficient) version. If necessary, change the SELL PERCENTAGE drop down box under the gear tab to sell back at 100 percent, sell it, then "repurchase" the proficient armor. Make sure to remember to set the SELL PERCENTAGE drop down back to 50 when you are done.