Paizo: Rise of the Runelords help file

Game Mode: 35e


Paizo - Rise of the Runelords - Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings


A number of non-player characters from this source can be generated from kits included in the dataset. Create a new character and click the Add Kit/Create Monster button, in the list of kits you will find a set of kits which starts with "NPC" followed by the name of the character in parentheses. All the monsters introduced in this book can also be generated with a Default Monster Kit as well.

Some characters are unique creations and required custom templates to grant the abilities specified by the books authors. For example the character Koruvus is a goblin which has been mutated by the Waters of Lamashtu which made him medium size and give him the ability to spit acid among other abilities. To account for this a template was created named "Waters of Lamashtu (Koruvus's Mutation)" which if removed will restore the character to a more normal goblin (which is a possible outcome in the scenario).

Not all the NPC's are included because some were created using closed content and cannot be recreated in PCGen.