Fantasy Flight Games: Midnight - Campaign Source Book
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FFG - Midnight - Campaign Source Book

The Midnight magic system

Midnight employs an unusual magic system which has been difficult to implement in PCGen and accounts for the long time it took to appear in the release. In Midnight any character class can learn and cast spells, they need only have taken the proper feats. To do this some workarounds are employed to make this work within PCGen. First all the normally non-spellcasting classes allowed in Midnight are modified so that they are spell casters. This is only done for the classes which exist in Midnight, those classes which do not were left alone. Second the Spells have been modified so that they have as a prerequisite the correct feats necessary to learn and cast the spell.

One effect of this is that when the Midnight dataset is loaded all the spells in the SRD have prerequisites for Midnight's requirements which interferes with spellcasters outside of those in Midnight. If you wish to make NPC's and monsters with spellcasting capabilities outside of the Midnight system we have provided a template named Unlock Midnight Spell Prerequisites which will bypass those prerequisites and allow normal spellcasting.