Character Output Sheets: Text Based Versions


Character Output Sheets: .rpgrp Based Versions

.rpgrp is an xml based format for RPTools combat initiative tracking program InitiativeTool . The sheets provided output to InitiativeTool's group file format. Once exported to this format InitiativeTool can open the file with the group tool or the characters can be directly added to the initiative window using the group button. The graphic assigned by PCGen as the character portrait is used as the token for the character in InitiativeTool.

Three of the sheets we available are coded for use with InitiativeTool version 1.0.b23 and will not work with later versions in the 1.1 series. These sheets work well with the "Init Tool Default D&D" game setting. Additionally we have created a custom game setting which displays the character stats more like the DMG II statblock format. You can find that file in the same directory as these outputsheets. Here is a direct link: PCGen_InitTool_statblock_1.0.b23.rpgame .

There are two new sheets which are coded to work with InitiativeTool versions 1.1.x (of which InitiaitveTool 1.1.b8 is the latest). You do not need a separate game settings file for these sheets but you should set InitiativeTool to "d20 3.5". The party sheet lacks some detail available in the single character sheet. InitiativeTool now allows the use of HTML in some area's of it's display and we've utilized this for the display of spells and other abilities. The party sheet does not have the ability to handle the html output so it lacks those features.

You must choose "File > Export > Text" to select these sheets for output.