Character Output Sheet Creation

Creating output sheets of any kind is even more difficult than list editing, and we won't explain the mechanics of HOW to create a sheet here, only the tokens used by the sheets to get the desired information from PCGen. Creating output sheets requires a little knowledge of HTML or XML and some javascript/VB Script knowledge doesn't hurt either!

Whether you have this knowledge or not, it is strongly recommended that you take a look at how the current sheets are constructed and 'borrow' bits and pieces from them to build your own.

Special acknowledgment goes out to Richard O'Doherty-Gregg (oROGutang) for his outstanding output sheets and the basis that all wanna-be sheet makers aspire to. If mimicry is the purest form of flattery, then ROG has been flattered more than most, as almost EVERY alternate sheet that is used within PCGen is some way derived from his works!

Thanks Richard!


Now we have Barak to thank. He has been busily (and happily... or else!) updating the character sheets and tokens as well as writing up some tutorials on how to use the tokens in the sheets (these are forthcoming). But the new formatting and explanations used are really top notch! So kudos to Barak for all his hard work.

Last Updated - 31 Mar 2003

The entire output token documentation has revised and formatted by Shane Molnar (LetohNereg) with content help from Barak.