Character Output Sheets: PDF Versions

XSLT based PDF sheets


This sheet comes in several different colors, determined by the xxx description and produces a 3+ page sheet styled after the csheet_fantasy_std.htm sheet.
It will display all possible variations of wielding each weapon.


This sheet also comes in several different colors, determined by the xxx description.
It is the same as the std sheet apart from the fact that for melee weapons the simple sheet only shows the primary hand attack.
The simple sheet is used for characters who only fight with a single weapon in their on-hand and do not need the other 5 variations.


Same as the fantasy sheet, only for the d20 Modern gamemode (Modern).


These templates are used to export the spells the character knows or has access to, to a nicely formatted spell list. The different templates offer several different layouts.

.fo based PDF sheets

Produces a combined spell book for the character listing all spells (regardless of class or level) in alphabetical order with their details.