Character Output Sheets

The most important aspect of any character generator is the final output, without that the program would be pretty useless.

So in the next few sections the character sheets provided with PCGen are explained. There are several basic types of output sheets; Character Sheets, Equipment Set Sheets, Party Sheets and Spell Sheets.
Each may have different types of output; HTML, XML, PDF and TXT.

HTML and XML sheets are exported via the File - Export - Standard function.
PDF files are generated by one of two methods, XSL Transformations (XSLT - .xslt), or XSL Formatting Objects.(.fo).
XSLT is currently the prevalent solution and has more or less replaced .fo sheets.

Most likely you would like to export to a Character Sheet , it is a character generator after all!
These come in several formats; HTML, PDF, Plain Text, and XML sheets for OpenRPG , RPTools InitTool and RPG Web Profiler (Formerly here ).

Equipment Set sheets are used to allow players to export different equipment configurations, or 'dress' depending on the environment they are in. The can be set up for the classic dungeon crawl, meeting the prince, or their 'in town' for example.

Party Sheets are primarily for use by the Game Master, they contain condensed information on the entire party for quick reference.
See the Party menu option for more information on Party (PCP) files.

Spell Sheets are used to export the spells the character knows or has access to, to a nicely formatted spell list. Several layout options are available.