Out-of-Cycle (OOC) Data Set Installation

The OOC data set installation capability has been added to PCGen to allow for the distribution of those data sets released between stable releases. This capability can also be used to install commercial data sets released by game publishers. Such data sets must conform to PCGen's guidlines for the preparation of data set archives. This page presents instructions for the installation of an OOC data set installation archive.

For more information on the preparation of an OOC dataset archive check out the Data Set Install Files page.

Data Set Installation

The following are the steps required to install an OOC data set:

  1. PCGen team publishes OOC dataset archive to SourceForge downloads section.
  2. Download the OOC dataset archive from SourceForge.
  3. Launch PCGen and select Sources > Install Data .

  4. Find and Select the archive file to install via the presented "File Selection" dialog.
  5. PCGen will verify that the selected dataset is compatible with the version of PCGen being used.
  6. Information on the selected archive is displayed and you will be given a choice of "DATA" or "VENDORDATA" folders with the default specified in install.lst .
  7. Select the destination and click Install .
  8. The dataset is saved to the selected location and is made available for use within PCGen.

If installing a data set archive provided by a commercial game publisher you will obtain the archive file, i.e. steps 1 and 2 above, per the publisher's instructions.