Game Mode: rules.lst

This file contains Rule Checks that the user can turn on/off in the GUI.

Format is:

Name:aName <tab> VAR:/PARM:aKey <tab> DEFAULT:YES/NO <tab> EXCLUDE:aKey <tab> DESC:optional description

Tag Name: Name:aName

Variables Used (aName): Text (Name)

What it does:

aName is used to search the file for a DESC to display in the GUI.

Tag Name: VAR:/PARM:aKey

Variables Used (aKey): Text (unique key)

What it does:

aKey is the unique key used to store and reference this Rule.

VAR:aKey can be referenced in .lst files.

PARM:aKey means it's hardcoded into the Java code.

Tag Name: DEFAULT:x

Variables Used (x): Boolean (YES or NO)

What it does:

Sets the initial state of the rule. Yes for on, no for off.

Tag Name: EXCLUDE:aKey

Variables Used (aKey): Text (unique key)

What it does:

prevents two rules from being active at the same time. It also creates a Radio button in the GUI to choose between the two rules.

Tag Name: DESC:x

Variables Used (x): Text (optional description)

What it does:

Optional description and is overridden by the file from the java code.