Game Rules Implementation Guide

The Game Rules Implementation Guide provides a series of rules implementation explanations, organized in two sections: The PCGen Distributed Rules and the Rules for Homebrews . The examples provided are not the only way to implement the subject rules. They are given here simply as examples of how different rules can be implemented. For more general information on writing standard LST files please visit the LST File Class page.

Instructions on how to read these pages can be found below.

PCGen Distributed Rules

This section includes those rules that have been implemented as part of the officially distributed datasets from PCGen.

Negative Levels
Equipment/Items can now bestow negative levels upon a character.

Rules for Homebrews

This section includes rules implementation solutions aimed at homebrew datasets. As game rules can have many different implementations within PCGen, you will find implementations included below that address the same game rule. In these cases, each solution is presented on its own page for clarity.

Buying Abilities with Skill Ranks
Abilities may be bought by skill ranks taken in the appropriate skill.
by Andrew Maitland
Priesthoods #1
Deities may have multiple priesthoods, each with their own powers and abilities.
by Maredudd
Priesthoods #2 (forthcoming)
An alternative way to implement Priesthoods.
by Tir Gwaith