Lesson #10: .lst - Languages

By Professor Chris Chandler (Barak).

File(s) Covered: *languages.lst

PCGen LST Standard: PCGen 6.00.x

GameMode: 3.5e (RSRD)

Tags used:


This lesson is intended to cover creating your own "Languages".

This LST file defines the languages that may be spoken, written or read by a character. It is even simpler than the weaponprofs.lst file in that it consists of just the language name and a TYPE tag for each one.

The language LST files are where the CHOOSE:LANG tag generates its list from when it is invoked. This file also tells PCGen, in conjunction with the LANGBONUS tag, what languages are available for races to choose from as bonus languages based on their primary language stat.

<Language Name>

The language file is a lst file that has one language entry per line. The first thing on each line is the name of the language. There is no tag for it, the program assumes that whatever is there at the beginning of the line is the name of a language.


The TYPE tag is used to set the type/group of the language. It may take multiple types delimited by periods. The types used are usually Spoken, Read, and Written. Some examples:

English TYPE:Spoken.Read.Written
Sign Language TYPE:Spoken.Read
Trade Pidgin TYPE:Spoken

That's really all there is to those simple .lst files.

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