System List Files

System list files are used across all of PCGen's abilities and should not be tampered with lightly, even for an experienced List Monkey!  The next few sections describe each of the system list files and what they do.

There are 2 main sections to contend with, Game System files and System files.

Game System files are specific to the rules for a gaming system, such as 3e, Unisystem, D6, etc. These files define what rules apply for that system, such as Hit Points, vs Vitality Points, Armor Class vs Damage Reduction, etc.

System files are just that, files that the PCGen system uses. As such, these files are more susceptible, to errors, so edit them with care!

Starting in the 5.9 line the remaining system files which have any game specific bearing are being moved into the gameModes to make them available for customization. A new directory named "default" has been added to the gameModes directory which contains default versions of each of the newly integrated files. If a gameMode is loaded which does not contain one or more of these files then the files from the default directory or loaded in their place.

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