Weapon Proficiency Files

The weapon proficiency list file is to set what each weapon category a weapon belongs to (Simple, Martial, Exotic, Natural) so that PCGen can determine whether or not a character qualifies to use that weapon or not. The 1st field is the name field, there is no tag for it, just the name of the weapon proficiency.

*** Updated

Tag Name: HANDS:x

Variables Used (x): Number (Number of hands)

What it does:



Weapon is wielded with two hands.


Weapon is wielded with one hand if the PC is larger than the weapon size.

.MOD Example:

Initial Template: Ogre Axe <tab> HANDS:1

Modified By: Ogre Axe.MOD <tab> HANDS:2

Results In: Ogre Axe <tab> HANDS:2

Weapon is wielded with two hands.